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Inu x Boku SS – 11

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A couple episodes ago, I said that if the last two episodes of Inu x Boku focused more on plot, I would be a happy camper. Well, turns out I was right on the ball on that prediction. It took 11 episodes, but this was “the” plot episode that many people expected to see in the first few episodes. It also showed another side of Miketsukami, and I actually have more respect for him after seeing this episode.

I had a feeling that Miketsukami was somehow a prostitute, but that’s completely further from the truth. He indeed seduced women, but not to find pleasure but to find an escape from the cruel childhood he had to experience. This was definitely one of the best episodes of Inu x Boku, surprising because the best episodes were all hilarious and snarky, and my belief was that there wasn’t any possible way that the show was going to deliver a really serious episode with two episodes left, but I was wrong. This episode also showed Kagerou, while keeping his sadistic tendencies, as a much more sympathetic figure than what we’ve known him as. It was really amusing to see Ririchiyo using her fake tsundere facade in a way that totally supported Miketsukami and revealed that she knew it wasn’t Kagerou who actually wrote the letters. There were some good comedy moments sprinkled throughout the episode, of course mainly revolving around Kagerou.

I’m kinda sad that the show is ending next episode, because this was a really well laid out episode that delivered completely. Always hold out for another season, but never get your spirits too high as the chances for it are always small.

Score: 4/5


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