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25 Questions on Anime


Wanted to post this before the other huge lists of things to accomplish by Friday, monthly summary will be Saturday or Sunday.

Brought to my attention by my good friend Don Don Kun, who found it on this site. Modified questionnaire that’s been floating around, I’ve taken the liberty in answering the first half of the original 50 questions.

1. Who is your favorite male main character? / #8: What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality?

Natsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou. His characteristics and personality is the exact same as mine (introverted, wary of others, nobody understanding the real us) and thus I can really empathize and relate to his problems, except the more supernatural stuff. He does seem like the typical shoujo male at first, but that quickly changes. One of Kamiya Hiroshi’s best roles to date.

2. Who is your favorite female main character?

Rin Tohsaka from Fate/stay night. The very definition of a tsundere, but she’s not from the bitchy Kugimiya faction (Louise, Shana, aka the tsun) but more mellowed out (an emphasis on the “dere”). She is very mature for her age, and she really doesn’t act childish for the most part. The thing about Tohsaka is that I take every single threat and action she makes seriously, because her character has proven to follow through on things of that nature. She’s fantastic to watch (especially in Fate/Zero), she has her priorities in order and she’s proven on numerous occasions to be more than capable of taking down the most fearsome foe. She’s no Mary Sue, that’s for sure.

3. What is your favourite anime soundtrack?

Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny’s soundtracks are still etched in my memory, probably for all of eternity. The music was not only awesome in the most obvious parts of the series (the battles), but everything in between was really pieced together nicely and the last episode of both series were just an eargasm of epic proportions. I’d honestly give Seed a 10 for music and Destiny a 9, yes despite how absolutely shitty Destiny is overall I’d still give the music a 9.

#4 – What is your favorite opening + animation?

Michiko to Hatchin – Paraiso by SOIL ‘N’ PIMP SESSIONS, oh my good lord THIS is what true creativity looks like.

#5 – What is you favorite ending + animation?

Gundam SEED – Anna ni Issho Datta no Ni by See-Saw, one of the first EDs to start playing before the actual ED video, much like Natsume Yuujinchou does alot. I just really love everything about it.

#6 – What is your favorite anime scene?

A certain scene from the last episode of Code Geass R2, I won’t spoil it but I was enthralled the entire time watching it, everything that happened in the last 49 episodes came to a very fitting end for one of the main characters, combined with a very awesome insert song “Continued Story”. Yes, this scene was still awesome even in the dub (Code Geass’ dub is one of the best IMO). “I destroyed the world, and I created it anew”.

#7 – If you can meet an anime character, who would it be?

Oh boy..I’d chat with Natsume and HOPEFULLY Okabe and the gang if they’re still in Arizona, it’s not that far..I have many more i’d like to meet.

#9 – What is your favorite thing about anime?

I notice how the seiyuu really seem to enjoy what they do, and I really like seeing those live event videos. Also, the music, the animation, certain production studios (Brains Base, A-1 Pictures, Sunrise).

#10 – What is your least favorite thing about anime?
XEBEC. Good lord these guys always give us the same ecchi garbage, with the same stupid premise and the same ugly looking character designs every single season. They’re doing a good job with Lagrange though.

#11 – Who is your favorite anime couple?

I really want to put Okabe and Kurisu, but that’s too predictable. So, i’m going with Issac and Miria from Baccano! Oh my goodness, these are the funniest characters ever created. When this show gets serious towards the second half, these guys really keep it from going too serious. Everything they do is just quotable, especially the dub. Watch this show dubbed, please.

#12 – What is your favorite anime animal?

Nyanko-sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou. If you didn’t know the same guy (Kazuhiko Inoue, pictured above with Nyanko-sensei) voices his dragon form and his cat form. Now that’s talent.

#13 – What anime would make a good game?

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. Using your school grades to summon chibi avatars of yourself to fight against other people? Sign me up.

#14 – Which game would make a good anime?

I haven’t played much games besides Pokemon nowadays, but I think Persona 3 should get an anime. It’s much darker than P4, and I like the overall mood it sets. Someone ought to turn down the Yukari bitch levels in her though.

#15 – What was the first anime you ever watched?

Sailor Moon

#16 – Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime?

No, unless every season gives us two or more Guilty Crown-like anime series.

#17 – What is your favorite genre of anime?

Slice of Life, because there’s no real plot and nothing that needs long terminology or explanations. Sit back and enjoy.

#18 – What is your least favorite genre of anime?

Ecchi. These shows usually have no plot (which i don’t mind – see above) and there’s always a pair of tits jiggling in your face every 30 seconds and the main male character is ridiculously pathetic.

#19 – Are you open about watching anime with people you know?

Sort-of, if someone asks me if I like anime. But it’s something that alot of my friends don’t care about.

#20 – Have you ever been to Japan?

So Little Tokyo doesn’t count…?

#21 – What anime was the biggest letdown for you?

Eureka Seven. All of the hype and praise this show had made me confident that I’d be experiencing probably one of the best series. Yet it turned out pretty awful: the two main characters are literally the worst couple I’ve ever seen in an anime, one is lifeless and boring the other is so annoying I’d pay to see his balls kicked. This show didn’t deserve to be 50 episodes, because it got lazy with going into UN-necessary subplots and stupid soccer episodes instead of trying to make the main characters more likeable. Before Guilty Crown, there was this: Both have great music and animation but had haphazard plots and characters ranging from completely unlikeable to “your in the wrong show, bro” type of awesome.

#22 – What anime was better than expected?

Hmm, that’s a hard one. But if I absolutely had to pick just one, I’d go with Ookiku Furikabutte (aka, Oofuri). I have a general disinterest when it comes to sport anime, but this was a fantastic adaptation that never overpowered me with baseball terminology. The characters are also pretty fun to watch (I wouldn’t mind spending half a season with just them and no baseball at all..). Definitely an under-rated series, but beware the very obvious BL hints that this show loves to throw at fujoshi like its meat to a starving predator.

#23 – What is the best anime fight scene?

Not really anime, but Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is just gorgeous, damn gorgeous. This is how CG ought to look like, not look like ass.

#24 – Who is your anime waifu?

Waifu: Michiko Malandro Rin Tohsaka

Husbando: Mihashi or Tajima from Oofuri, Rider from Fate/Zero Lelouche

#25 – What was your favorite video game as a child?

Lots of Mario games, like Mario Party, Mario Kart and Super Mario Sunshine.


4 thoughts on “25 Questions on Anime

  1. #16 made me laugh. Hopefully it doesn’t come true!

    Reading your answers made me realize that I should have put a bit more time into mine (since half of my responses were from Aria). And is it just me or did you change the layout back to the old one?

    • Yeah, I’m really picky when it comes to the layout X____X, like they all pretty much suck so it’s “which sucks the least”. The last one felt too plain, now this one is too blue but…meh I’ll keep it so people won’t get dizzy from all the aesthetic changes.

  2. Your right about the ending to Code Geass. Wow what an ending. It was a total surprise and is definitely a classic. Your also right about Eureka. I said this in another comment on your blog, but Renton has to be the most annoying lead I have ever experienced in a show. What a piece of work he is. An over-hyped show for sure.

    I am surprised you did not mention Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal. The series itself was not very good, but the OVA has to be one of the greatest shows ever made, even outside of anime. Great love story, great action, the soundtrack is boss, just an all around great show! Lately I have been playing Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai and it has been reminding me of that OVA =D

  3. Rin is also my favourite main female character

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