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A Sudden Realization

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You know I’ve really talked crap about ecchi and harem series in general. But yet I never actually watch these series, and I think it’s about time that I sit down and watch and see if these shows are as bad as I thought. I’ll talk about one of these shows briefly:

Do not resist temptation, Komuro.

Highschool of the Dead. I reviewed it months ago, but my writing skills were not up to snuff as they are now. By far, I am quite mistaken about these kinds of shows. The storytelling in HOTD was by far, magnificent. The attention to detail on the driver, Shizuka’s breasts were just so out of this world! Breasts are indeed extremely important in this series, they breathe life into an otherwise boring genre. Madhouse really did a fantastic job in animating their escapades such as the infamous scene where Komuro is shooting a sniper rifle and the bullet passes through Saeko’s breasts in such breathtaking animation! That was indeed spectacular on Madhouse’s part, but still seeing nothing but tight ass and pussy fighting a bunch of zombies? Who the fuck will say no to that? Queers, that’s who.

Friendship is well defined in this series. In fact, the first episode we see two very best friends confronted by icky zombies! What do they do? POWER OF FRIENDSHIP! The brown haired chick totally nails her friend in the face and pretty much says ‘Bitch, you’re problem now!” Unfortunately for her, karma is a bitch… a bitch who just died in front of her face, woops.  But that one scene illustrates a complete reversal of what we come to expect from shows that abuse the friendship trope so much, it is by far the best scene in the entire series.

But the best characters in HOTD are..

Shizuka (those tits, the very definition of fluid animation right there!)
Saeko (She’s WET! That’s music to my ears!)

Kouta (Gun loving otaku? Oh hell yes! Unfortunately he’s so awesome that some show last season tried to copy his awesomeness and fail miserably)


This is a show that clearly delivers on action, suspense and drama.

Animation – 10/10
Story – 15/15
Characters – 20/20
Sound – 10/10
Enjoyment – 45/45
Total – 100/100

TL;DR – HOTD is the best fucking show period, it easily beats that one show about piercing the heavens, that other show about time traveling, that other show about a boy and his cat (who wants to watch that snorefest?!) and that show with the overly pretentious guy and his magical eye.

Go join Yukki in celebrating such a marvelous feat.




One thought on “A Sudden Realization

  1. How dare you say HSotD beats Gurren Lagann! There are some who would denounce you for speaking such blasphemy!

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