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Uchuu Kyoudai – 01

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New blogging style, let me know what you think of it.

I totally geeked out when i saw this.

A seinen anime about two brothers and their dream of becoming astronauts. I’m pretty much sold by this alone, and this episode served to really play up a sibling rivalry between Mutta (Hiroaki Hirata) and Hibito (Kenn). I’m a sucker for anything involving space/astronomy, so I’m dead set on seeing this series to the very end, four-cours or not.

Manly tears of wisdom from Mutta.

The basic outline for what this series is about was basically explained in this episode. Brothers Mutta and Hibito Nanba see a UFO which prompts them to make a big promise – to become astronauts one day. For Hibito, that becomes a reality as he is set on becoming the first Japanese to set foot on the moon. Mutta meanwhile struggles to hold a job, and constantly remarks that the older brother must lead the younger one yet irony never lets up. This prompts Hibito to give Mutta a little push by making him listen to a recording between the two on the day of the UFO sighting. His mother also sends his resume into JASA (Japan Aeronautical Space Agency, Japan’s NASA) and gets a letter stating his application has been accepted.


I’m really excited to see something like this not only be animated, but have such a strong episode. I’m super excited to see the next episode, the narration was done quite well and the animation was definitely good. I do hope we get Hibito’s perspective, but Mutta is pretty fun to watch too.

Rubbing it in your face that his life is better than yours?

The flashbacks were done well, and it was a pretty interesting idea from Hibito to listen to the recording as a means of motivation. So Mutta wants to go to Mars..I think he’s taking the one step ahead approach a little too seriously. With his application at JASA accepted, the most obvious thing next for Mutta is for him to become an astronaut as well, while Hibito gets ready to launch for the Moon.

So your son just got the best news of his life, and THIS is what your concerned with?


Score: 4/5

Not blogging. Third show to be blogged will be one of the Thursday series.


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