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Final Status on the Spring Season

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This will be the last major status update on spring, I promise! First of all, the spring season is already started! Such is the case that well, I’ve had my time to think about what will be the last show that I will cover. I’ve made my decision and the final show to be covered here is….

Tsuritama, which will air on Thursdays and will most likely be covered on Fridays. It’s the other noitaminA show alongside Sakamichi no Apollon (which -blacksheep is covering here), and the thought of another original series and a interesting premise and being 11 episodes was enough to push me in favor of blogging this show. So I’ll be covering Tsuritama, Fate/Zero 2 and Hyou-ka. -blacksheep on the other hand will be covering Sakamichi no Apollon, continuing covering Kimi to Boku 2 and is still undecided on the third show. Every show covered will usually be one day later, if not two.

Next up is the aesthetic changes, I know I frequently keep changing the blog’s theme but I do promise this is the last one. I really like it, and I’ve added a header and a background as well. I hope you guys like this new theme, because it is staying for sure. As such, the posting format will be slightly altered: a minimum of 8 pictures for the shows that are being covered (instead of nine), while the first impressions will continue to look the same (-blacksheep has done a really good job with this format).

Also, 14k views already! Two weeks ago it was 10,000…man this site is growing faster than I ever expected. Thanks so much for the support!


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