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Inu x Boku SS – 12 and Review

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Inu x Boku finally ends, but I feel that there is much more to come because this was one of the most open-ended endings I’ve ever seen. I truly feel that Miketsukami has received a great amount of character development that has made him a much more sympathetic character and I’m really glad it happened.

With last episode’s preview hinting of a greater focus on Sorinozuka (a very under-rated character, IMO), the real focus was again on our main couple: Ririchiyo and Miketsukami, as they finally confided in each other. There was some focus on the other characters, like the son of the bartender, but those stories were intertwined with the conclusion of the misunderstanding of our two main characters. Of course, anything involving Karuta and/or Watanuki is probably going to be fun to watch. Seeing the main cast trying to create a time capsule was quite amusing, to be honest. But the biggest takeaway from this episode was seeing Ririchiyo and Miketsukami confiding in each other, though seeing a 15 year old confess her feelings to a 22 year old seems quite jarring for some.

On to the whole review: The one thing I really love about this show is that it doesn’t try to be anything, but still exceeds my expectations at various points in the show. The cast is wonderful to watch and the jokes are always fresh, the music is also another plus (I think this is the first show I enjoyed watching all of the ending themes) but the voice acting is by far the best thing about this show. We have Mamoru Miyano, Kana Hanazawa, Youko Hikasa and Yuuichi Nakamura as the big names but I have to say that Rina Hidaka’s performance as Ririchiyo was by far the best of any of the seiyuu, easily toeing the line between a tsundere and a tsunshun.The animation is also very top-notch, probably the least noticeable thing about this show but definitely doesn’t obstruct the viewing experience. As stated above, I really enjoyed the ending themes but I’m kind of a sucker for these kinds of ending songs. A unique oddity about this show is the fanservice: usually you either get the sparkling bishies for the females or the endless boob shots for the guys, but Inu x Boku spent a great deal of time showcasing both types of fanservices, and it’s quite hard to declare this show a ‘shounen’, a ‘shoujo’ or anything of the sort.

It did start off kind of slow, and some episodes were clearly quite weak but Inu x Boku had a pretty awesome ending that really delivered on Miketsukami’s character development. Usually characters like him annoy me to no end, and it was around episode 9 that he started to get on my nerves but episodes 11 and 12 have really done a wonderful job in showing the real Miketsukami and the real struggles he has to deal with. If only more shows can learn from this example of great character development. I honestly think this show is getting a second season, and when it does I’ll be back to blog this show with much excitement because this was the show that I loved blogging the most (apologize for the long delay here..), mainly because there’s so many good screenshots it’s quite hard to pick which one for these posts. This is the third series I’ve blogged from start to finish, a feat I didn’t think I could accomplish. But I’m glad I chose this show, because it blends a lot of different elements together and the end result was a success.
Staff roll call:
Director: Naokatsu Tsuda
Screenplay: Saizo Nemoto
Character Designs: Haruko Iizuka
Music: Koutarou Nakagawa
Animation Production: David Production

Animation – 8/10 (B)
Story – 9/15 (C-)
Character – 16/20 (B)
Sound – 8/10 (B)
Enjoyment – 40/45 (A-)
Total Score – 81/100 (B-)

Probably a much higher score than I was anticipating (expected low-mid 70’s), but quite frankly my ‘enjoyment’ rating for this show is absolutely spot-on.


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