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March Summary: Graduation Day

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With many Winter series coming to an end, it’s about time to see which shows came through despite their shortcomings and which shows just flat out bombed. A lot of shows actually ended quite well, despite a rocky start or middle. But now it’s time to pass the baton on to another group of series as Spring has officially begun.

Ranking (Last Month’s Ranking) Name of Series (Score | Overall Score)

#14 (14) – Guilty Crown (5.5/10 | 4/10 Overall)

My thoughts are here. This show sucks, period. Avoid it at all costs.

#13 (9) – Persona 4 the Animation (6/10)

Surprisingly, this show STILL isn’t over and it won’t be for another five months of waiting until the 10th Blu-ray volume releases the ‘True End’ episode. This will be the last time for it on the list, but I won’t be giving it a final score just yet. Anyways, the 25th episode actually looked nice for the most part, but the really long exposition by the huge eye (was it me, or did the eye sound just like Mayuri from Bleach?) was kind of boring, that’s a huge problem when adapting games is the tons of exposition that can’t be avoided. Still, the case isn’t quite over as the preview showed us.

#12 (12) – Black Rock Shooter Finale (6.5/10 | 6.5/10 Overall)

Well, despite being the billionth show to have massive yuri elements I honestly liked the ending to BRS. There was a lot of nice eye candy, really good voice acting and tons of symbolism. It wasn’t executed that well, but what can you do with only 8 episodes? For all of its shortcomings, I quite enjoyed BRS. Unlike its fellow noitaminA partner, this show actually tried to do SOMETHING with its plot and even if the symbolism was fumbled a bit, trying to do anything cohesively is much better than not doing it right. Another show tainted by Mari Okada, or was this noitaminA’s fault again for its ridiculously dumb scheduling rules?

#11 (13) – Senki Zesshou Symphogear Finale (7/10 | 6.5/10 Overall)

Oh Symphogear…this was a show that has some really nice music. I think it can be argued that the budget for this show was more focused on the music than the animation, and it worked (character song singles are selling big, upwards of 10,000 for each of the three released). But Symphogear did have a plot, that was wacky and overly ridiculous but I’ll praise this show for giving us some really interesting characters and as stated above, the music was quite a treat. I’ll kind of miss this show, because this show was refreshing in the weirdest of ways.

#10 (6) – Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (7.5/10)

Gundam AGE technically went down, butf s it’s more like everything else went way up versus last month. I guess there’s one problem with how the ranking system works for the monthly summaries. But this has been a pretty awesome month of AGE (minus the latest episode which was underwhelming). There’s been lots of angsting, but it’s pretty justified with all the shit that Asemu has been thrown towards. But things may come to an end soon as word that the last arc may come at the end of April, will Asemu be destined for Romary or will the fans finally get their say (I ship Arisa x Asemu).

#9 (9) – Another Finale (7.5/10 | 7/10 Overall)

I’m surprised that Another was able to deliver such a good finale, it redeems what would have been a pretty lackluster series. Not one of the best mystery series, and definitely the weakest P.A. Works series, but it definitely pulled it self out of the gutter for quite some time. I like this show when it pretty much goes ax-crazy, this and the last episode of Another delivered on the WTF-scale, the pacing has felt like Mirai Nikki’s (these shows have a lot in common, only Mirai Nikki is animated by assAsread, while Another gets P.A. Works treatment) . Still, I found Sakakibara to be very annoying and Misaki tries too hard to be cute. Decent ending for an over-rated series.

#8 (4) – Inu x Boku SS Finale (8/10 | 7.5/10 Overall)

Another case of “better than the ranking shows”. This was Inu x Boku’s best month and the final two episodes really delivered. All of the complainers got their wish, these last two episodes were definitely plot-heavy and put Miketsukami in a much more positive light than ever before. Of all the shows I blogged, Inu x Boku was the most fun to blog about. The characters are fun, the animation is stellar and the music is great. Second season when?

#7 (5) – Mouretsu Pirates (8/10)

Ahh Pirates, you just love to take your time don’t you? I should be praising this, as most shows these days love to rush the living hell out of its content. But Pirates has the opposite effect, of all the shows I’m watching this is the show I always have to play catch-up with, usually two episodes behind.

#6 (7) – Mirai Nikki (8/10)

This show has finally found a way to be consistently entertaining in the best way possible. Above I said that most shows love to rush their content, Mirai Nikki is one of these shows. But unlike the vast majority of these shows, Mirai Nikki seems to be even better than normal when you’re left trying to understand what the hell is going on. I’m really starting to understand the Yuno love, now with the big plot twist revealed. Now, what will Yukki do?

#5 (8) – Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Finale (8/10 | 7.5/10 Overall)

Now this is a perfect example of a great rebound. Nichibros ended on a strong note, and although the middle episodes were quite weak, I eagerly awaited each episode. This show had a very colorful cast and I think that’s the biggest strength of this show, rather than the jokes themselves.

#4 (9) – Rinne no Lagrange Finale** (8/10 | 7.5/10 Overall)

My thoughts are here. I’m excited to see this show finally get serious in time for the next season in summer. The characters are all fun to watch and the music is awesome. Definitely check this show out if you haven’t.

#3 (3) – Chihayafuru Finale (8.5/10 | 9/10 Overall)

I refuse to believe that one of the best series currently made has ended. Okay, I’ll believe it but I’m sad to see such a wonderful series go. The ending was open for another season and I truly hope Madhouse is able to go forward with another season, because the last two episodes of this series weren’t that interesting because they focused on other karuta players rather than the ones we’re used to seeing. But please, please Madhouse don’t add any romance to this show because it just won’t work here.

#2 (1) – Ano Natsu de Matteru Finale (8.5/10 | 8.5/10 Overall)

My thoughts are here. A great ending, although it was frustrating at the very last scene (picture #3). This is the first romance series I’ve actually enjoyed, mainly because I liked the main couple (I don’t like the romance genre very much usually because I despise the two main characters/love interest) and there was a lot of extra things that helped make this show much better, like Remon.

#1 (2) – Natsume Yuujinchou Shi Finale (10/10 | 9.75/10 Overall)

My thoughts are here. But I will add that this is by far the best of the four seasons, yes even beating the first. If you haven’t seen this show, I highly implore you to. You’re missing out on one of the best series out there (especially if you’ve watched Chihayafuru and not Natsume, two very amazing series).


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