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Sankarea – 01

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Another series that’s left me a bit speechless, but this time it’s actually a compliment. A few seasons ago, the mystery/detective genre was in full bloom with shows like Gosick, UN-GO and Dantalian no Shoka among many others. Now it seems that the zombie fans are getting their fix, and Sankarea is one of those zombie shows. What we have here is a boy with a fetish for zombies, prefers his potential love interests to be undead and is trying to revive his dead cat. You add the female main character who offers herself to him, zombie and all, and you get the basic idea of what this show is about.

Chihiro Furuya (Ryohei Kimura) is your typical high school boy…oh wait that’s a cliche! Yes, but do typical high school boys have a huge fetish for zombies and wants his potential girlfriend to be undead? I’m not sure there’s a lot of those out there in anime today, and we get a lot of exposition on his past. But the big catch is the popular girl at school, Rea Sanka (Maaya Uchida), secretly visits an abandoned hospital each day and shouts her frustrations in a well, eventually Chihiro catches her in the act. Despite his eccentricity, Rea takes an immediate interest in him and offers to do anything for him.

Can you believe that Studio DEEN (DEEEEEEEN!!) is behind this show? I can’t, because the overall animation is much better than what they usually put out and the visuals scream SHAFT. I’m torn when it comes to Shaft’s style of animation, there’s times when I really enjoy their artistry (ef – a tale of memories) and when I detest it (Bakemonogatari) but Sankarea’s animation and art really fits the mood for this series. It wasn’t the best starting episode, things moved a bit too fast for me, but I really like the chemistry with Chihiro and Rea. Thursdays are going to be just like last season’s Monday: tons of variety. You got polar bears, zombies, jazz music and fishing all in one day.

Definitely give Sankarea a chance if seeing DEEN attached to it makes you want to run far away from it, because this is much better than what they usually offer.

OP: Esoragoto by nano.RIPE (Very Shaft-y visuals, and I’m starting to like nano.RIPE a lot more)

ED: Above the Line by Annabel (Calming and peaceful, surprising for a show like this.)

Status: I-It’s not like this is a good Deen show or anything!

Score: 3/5


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