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Nazo no Kanojo X – 01


Right after Sankarea, comes yet another series that I had little expectations that it would succeed and another sub-par animation studio behind it, and lo and behold this first episode of Nazo no Kanojo X delivers. The mood is set with an art style that screams old-school, the mystery is actually well established quickly and the chemistry between our main characters is definitely something to look out for.

We have our typical protagonist Akira Tsubaki (Miyu Irino), nothing to note besides the standard male protagonist you’ll see in pretty much any anime series. Then comes the new transfer student Mikoto Urabe (Ayako Yoshitani, a newcomer to voice acting), he pretty much indirectly falls for her at first sight but what makes it unique is that he, for whatever reason, decides to taste her spit. He gets sick from doing this, but Mikoto actually tells Akira that there’s nothing special about her spit and it’s more of a ‘lovesick’ type of illness.Then comes one of the most creative ways of asking out a girl that I’ve ever seen, which I liked because Mikoto pretty much didn’t want it to be conventional. This show is just outright unconventional and I’m loving that. Anything that can break conventions and have something to look forward to each episode is an automatic winner in my book, and that’s what this show has already accomplished in its first episode!

First of all, I am totally loving how retro this series looks. For whatever reason, to me it feels like that has set the mood well and the character designs are also reflect the retro look that this series has adapted. I’m way more intrigued than disgusted by the spit, though seeing Mikoto vomit her spit out was weirdly funny for some reason. Of all the series so far, NazoKanojo has gotten me the most intrigued. The mystery is actually *gasp* mysterious for once, Mikoto is shrouded in mystery and the whole spit thing is just as mysterious as everything else. I’m at a loss of words that Hoods Entertainment is behind this show as all they’ve done consisted of Seikon no Qwaser (read: tits), and Manyuu Hikenchou (read: bigger tits). An almost porno studio actually doing the mystery genre justice in the first episode, and doing it much much better than last season’s Another? Sad, but true. The voice acting is stellar, especially Mikoto: her seiyuu is a first-timer to the industry and I believe it was the right decision. Her voice is distant, sharp and untrained which I think works best for a character like Mikoto. So yeah, Spring is turning out much better than I thought. Now if Eureka Seven: AO delivers, I’ll probably call it the best season this year. Everything hinges on that show. (apologies for going O/T)

ED: Houkago no Yakusoku (I read Houkago and I thought it would sound like something from K-ON, thankfully it wasn’t.)

Status: I’m watching.

Score: 4/5


2 thoughts on “Nazo no Kanojo X – 01

  1. Another was based on a shitty novel, MGX is based on a good manga. Hoods’ previous shows were based on titty manga, but otherwise, they had decent production values.

    There is no greater mystery behind it.

  2. Hoods entertainment scared me, but they’ve done a perfect job with this one.

    As I’ve said for the past year, THIS ANIME WILL KICK ASS.

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