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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 01

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When I heard about this show’s premise, I immediately thought of ‘Another’ and I sighed heavily. Then I heard Silver Link (aka, Shaft-lite) was working on this show, and that alone made me want to check the first episode out. This was a pretty tame episode in terms of visuals, but the choice to repeat the same scenes only with a slight modification was pretty ballsy, and It actually worked. It felt a bit rushed, but Dusk Maiden of Amnesia has, like the other shows, gotten my interest.

We start off with Momoe Okonogi (Misato Fukuen), taking notes of supposed superstitions when weird things start happening around her, of course this means she starts flipping out. But what she doesn’t know that the weird things happening her are the result of a playful Yuuko Kanoe (Yumi Hara), trying to mess with her and flirt with Teiichi Niiya (Tsubasa Yonaga), while her sister Kirie (Eri Kitamura) is visibly annoyed at the sight. The episode then starts to repeat itself, only we actually see Yuuko this time instead of Momoe’s perspective. It screams ‘Endless Eight’, but I felt it worked out quite well.

But the big problem here is that the episode moved too fast, introducing what seems to be the main cast so early and abrupt. I also am leery of Silver Link, they last worked on C3 which turned out to be a huge dud, but it DID look really artistic. I’m not feeling the artistry from this show, but hopefully with 12 episodes this can maybe turn out okay. The music was nice, and the overall animation wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t good either. As long as this show isn’t too rushed like what happened with C3, I’ll be just content on the artistic value of the show. But beyond that, it’s a wait and see approach.

OP: Choir Jail by Konomi Suzuki (Tied with Fate/Zero’s OP as the best, can you believe the singer is only 15??!)

Status: Another three-episode test.

Score: 3/5


One thought on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 01

  1. I’m getting a completely different feel for this as opposed to C3 (which I dropped after about 5 episodes). I really liked the first episode. I also liked that Kirie can also see Yuuko can also see and hear Yuuka but for whatever reason chooses not to tell Momoe this. Part of the fun was watching the interplay between the annoyed Kirie and the playful Yuuko.

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