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Jormungand – 01


Okay that was probably the most action packed premiere yet, the characters were lively and there was enough humor and wits to enjoy. I said I’d only blog three shows, but if Jormungand keeps delivering episodes like these, I may make an exception. But the best part of the entire show was the music, and usually I hardly notice music at all. Oh man, Spring is really turning out well.

Jonah (Mutsumi Tamura) is a child soldier (I mean look at those lifeless eyes..poor kid), now working for Koko Hekmatayr (Shizuka Itou) and her associates, specializing in arms dealing. The episode quickly establishes an important job for the group, trying to stop a highly potent container from falling into the wrong hands and dealing with other arms dealers, much like turf wars among gangs. If you weren’t convinced that Jonah was a child soldier, seeing him shoot men in armed, fortified RVs with FGM-148 Javelin’s (thank Koko for telling us that) with absolutely no emotion in him speaks volumes for a kid who detests weapons. Interesting logic from Koko, telling Jonah that though he hates weapons he’ll always have to fight with them and reaching out to him by showing that ‘guns are good’, or at least necessary. But then we have other members of  Koko’s crew, mainly Valmet (Sayaka Ohara; she REALLY loves Koko, I assume.) and Lehm (Unshou Ishizuka) who also provide some dry humor, enough to make this show seem slightly less dark but not alot where it becomes ridiculous, plus sleepwalking Koko was amusing. But the car chase scenes were really done well, and the music in this show really stepped up to the plate, definitely a great job by Taku Iwasaki (of Gurren Lagann fame).

I really didn’t seem to notice anything really wrong with this episode, other than it moved a bit too fast. There was CG, but it was handled well (not as well as Fate/Zero’s monstrous CG but way better than how it’s usually handled). Thankfully this isn’t going to be a rushed 12 episode adaptation of a long manga, as it’s been confirmed that this show is 24 episodes, split-cour (half season) and the manga already ended. Now put White Fox in the middle, and you’ve got yourself a great recipe for success. I mean, this was a studio people were actually okay with if they were in charge of the Little Busters anime (of course, a certain J.C studio was the eventual choice). They have few series under their belt, and most of them are quite amazing: Katanagatari is much better than the other -Monogatari series and then…Steins;Gate. So yeah despite the fact that the director of Jormungand also directed School Days (!), I’m extremely confident that we’re going to be getting another Steins;Gate-level of careful adaptation from White Fox. I could be wrong, but their track record speaks for itself. Okay, I think Spring is turning out much better than I thought. Jormungand was a bundle of surprises that delivered. Check this show out, if you’re not convinced that Spring is actually starting off well.
OP: Borderland by Mami Kawada (This is one of those times where I could care less if its autotuned, I love it.)

ED: Ambiliventa by Nagi Yanagi (One image..that’s a new record of laziness. Come on White Fox! But it’s Nagi, so…)

Score: 4/5

Status: Watching, for sure. Blogging? Maybe..


3 thoughts on “Jormungand – 01

  1. The opening sounded more dubstep than autotune to me

  2. I haven’t gotten the time to watch this but action + humor + wits? I sure can’t wait to do so. Probably the fast pacing you mentioned was pretty fitting for this type of series since this is an action anime.

  3. Bother! I’m been waiting for this and somehow I missed it. I’ll need to look for it again tonight.

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