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Tsuritama – 01

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Whatever it was that got me hooked (pun intended) on Tsuritama was a lot of different things. The art is extremely creative, the characters are already likeable and the music is wacky. There’s a bunch of creativity in this first episode that I expect will be even wackier as time goes along. Here’s the most creative series to premiere thus far.

Yuki Sanada (Ryota Osaka) never feels the need to make any friends or long lasting memories as he’s constantly transferring to different schools. But things are different this time when a self-proclaimed alien named Haru (Miyu Irino) stumbles upon his new house and proclaims that he’ll be living there, and his grandma is actually okay with that. Later, he gets nervous again and people from his class see, much to his embarrassment. Once he’s at school, it gets worse for him as right after he finishes introducing himself, Haru storms in with a fishing rod trying to ‘reel’ Yuki, cue THE face from Yuki once more. Meanwhile a mysterious boy named Akira (Tomokazu Sugita) and his pet duck Tapioca are surveying Yuki’s house, possibly in search of Haru. In the meantime, he gets acquainted to Natsuki (Kouki Uchiyama), who reluctantly teaches Haru and Yuki to fish.

The art was amazing. I like the constant water rising effect to show how Yuki can’t really communicate with others well, and…DAT FACE. The character designs and the background art really compliment each other quite well, and the music is definitely a big thing to look out for in this show. The entire episode was amusing, because I couldn’t stop thinking ‘Wow, this show is like Kimi to Boku’. Same male-dominated cast, same easygoing nature, some of the same seiyuu, and that’s a compliment. I really enjoyed this first episode, and I’m glad to see noitaminA is finally learning the mistakes of last season’s series and focusing more on creativity and substance. It’s good to see A-1 Pictures show some creative muscle, If this show had received a normal animation budget, it would probably look like Kimi to Boku (not a bad thing, but not really creative or inspired at all). I’ve never seen any of Kenji Nakamura’s works (most of his shows are on noitaminA), but I do hear they are quite creative in the art style and Tsuritama is just filled with creativity. I get the feeling that this show is going to be the next Inu x Boku SS for me, choosing which awesome pictures to post and loving every minute of the fun in between.

Score: 3.5/5


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