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Fate/Zero – 15


I thought to myself before the second half started airing, “Man, no one really died in season 1. Season 2 will probably be a bloodbath”…my predictions are really starting to come true for whatever reason. The first master died last episode, and the second servant has fallen and with the preview for next week’s episode alluding to yet another servant’s death. The best part of Fate/Zero is upon us and ufotable is here to provide us with breathtaking visuals and an amazing soundtrack. If only I had $1000, I’d buy both boxsets..

I’m a little dismayed that Caster has died, I mean yes him and Ryunosuke were pretty sick in the head for their brutal killings, especially how they murdered children. With those two out of the way, it’s sort of like a subliminal message telling us ‘Hey, the fluff is gone and here comes the real story’, almost as if a blockade has been removed from this show. Basically, the group of servants are stuck trying to defeat Caster but Rider proposes he uses his reality marble Ionian Hetairoi to trap the monster within, and for the other servants to come up with a plan before the monster can break the illusion. Gilgamesh is still fighting with Berserker in the skies, but a quick slip-up by him allows Berserker to destroy his ship but Gilgamesh gets the last laugh by using his Gate of Babylon and sinking Berserker into the river. Kiritsugu calls (Irisviel not knowing how to use a phone..what?) and tells Waver to position the monster’s break from the marble over a designated location and tells him to tell Lancer that Saber has an anti-fortress Noble Phantasm (Excalibur). What everyone (sans Waver) knows is that Saber’s Excalibur is the only thing that can be used to defeat Caster but Lancer’s previous attack left her unable to use it. Feeling chivalrous, Lancer breaks his Gae Bolg Buidhe, allowing Saber the use of her full extent. Unfortunately now she has to deal with Berserker, quickly comes Gilgamesh fighting back, arguing Berserker has insulted him by turning his back on the fight.

On the other side of the battle, Kariya is getting majorly crushed by Tokiomi’s magic and having enough ‘fun’, Tokiomi burns Kariya and leaves while Kirei looks on.Finally Caster breaks out of Ionian Hetairoi, but Saber is ready to use Excalibur (with a remake of The Sword of Promised Victory as proper BGM) and quickly makes work of Caster, but in his final moments he visualizes Jeanne D’Arc reaching out to him (as Gilles de Rais).

Damn, just damn. I know for a fact the first Blu-ray box sold over 45,000 copies (those sort of boxes usually sell at a high of 15,000 and a low of 2,000 for the most part) and raking in over $15 million dollars (1.9 billion yen). THIS is where your money goes to, folks. Most shows nowadays never see that much except the big ones (Madoka, Bakemonogatari), that’s one way of gouging whether the series has been a hit or not. More gorgeous CG, Saber’s Excalibur reveal was magnificently animated and even Kariya getting burned was really detailed. I’m inclined to give the animation for this series a solid 10, as I’ve yet to encounter any real ‘derp’ scenes. Season 2 is going to be a full-on bloodbath, and it’s going to be a real pain for people to figure out who’s going to win in the end (I used ‘for people’, I already know the ending…thanks F/SN). This show takes everything about Fate/stay night and makes it much more mature (in terms of characters, violence and imagery) and with such gorgeous visuals nonetheless.

Score: 4.5/5

Fun fact: I’ve been playing Jeanne D’arc for the PSP (a very under-rated tactics game) and watching this episode was pretty surreal to say the least.


3 thoughts on “Fate/Zero – 15

  1. Damn, I also wish I had the money…
    Anyway, nice episode, indeed. I liked Kajiura’s arrange, though I think that the whole episode lacked music or some tracks were kinda misplaced. Hm.

    Oh, btw, Lancer broke Gae Buidhe. Gae Bolg was Cu Chulainn’s lance, remember? 😀

  2. I really like how this show manages to mix great action sequences with great dialog. I’ll admit a little chill when up my spine when Saber started winding up Excalibur (I memorized major sections of Le Morte d’Arthur for an oral book report in middle-school…). But it was just as enjoyable to watch the verbal exchange between the exhausted Rider and the equally exhausted Archer.

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