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Kimi to Boku. 2 – 03


I feel weird watching a Christmas episode when I’m currently having my summer vacation. BUT I have to admit that this episode sure was fun.

It was funny how one simple thing they do actually draws to the bigger picture of the story. I just noticed that Chizuru actually is the one that brings them to do all sorts of things. Anyway, this episode didn’t gave me much excitement as much as episode 2 since this is mainly about how Chizuru messed up their Christmas Eve. LOL. I’d say it’s a fun Christmas Eve AND they get to meet Azuma-sensei’s (Toriumi Kousuke) high school friend, Akira (Kaji Yuuki) whom Chizuru remembered during their school festival.

Anyway, Akira sure is a fancy character. I literally laugh when he was being Santa Claus to the little kid who gave him caramel candy but miserably failed when his beard fell off though I feel bad for the kid. Chizuru as usual is trying his best to be the nicest person around and literally got the entire group into the this mess of working as Santa Claus giving balloons to children and fixing the Christmas tree. It was funny when he was warning Akira about not taking off his beard in front of that kid who really believed that he was Santa. I don’t really know what the kid feels but I’m pretty sure he feels embarrassed, sad, confused and other more things.

Other than that incident with the child, the reindeer-incident greatly caught my attention. What a freak. The reindeer not being in good terms with Santa and just going around like some stray dog. It was really weird why the reindeer guy had gone stealing the candies. HAHA. AND when Chizuru chased after him and Mr. Reindeer is about to bump on that little kid who gave the caramel candy, Akira just came out of nowhere and save the kid with by giving Mr. Reindeer that big good karate move or whatever. Everyone was freaking surprised! O.O I mean who wouldn’t? With that small body that lifted Mr. Reindeer in that huge costume.

Oh, and one final thing I really liked it when they were working and Shun-chan is wearing a girl’s costume!! :3

It was really great listening to Azuma-sensei’s thoughts about being an adult yet not feeling like one. Being young sure is great. You get less worries and stuff and I sure miss being in high school because of that. I like being carefree. Anyway, this episode is pretty interesting but I honestly didn’t like it as much as the previous one.


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2 thoughts on “Kimi to Boku. 2 – 03

  1. Akira just came out of nowhere and save the kid with by giving Mr. Reindeer that big good karate move or whatever.

    Judo, or possibly Jujutsu πŸ™‚

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