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Tsuritama – 02

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This is what being on drugs must feel like.

Tsuritama just keeps on getting weirder (that OP is just surreal), and Haru’s sister comes to Earth and forces Yuki to fish or the planet will be destroyed. Wait, what? All I know is that Tsuritama is definitely a real head scratcher of a series, but I truly appreciate the amount of creativity this show has to offer.


Poor Yuki, having his STYLISH grandma invite some creepy alien kid to live at his house and all the poor guy wants is to have a normal life! (That’s what they all say..) But this anime, and nothing is never normal, even slice of life shows can display some weird things at times. But yet this show just defies any logic: why does the grandma immediately believe a hyper blonde kid is an alien and WHY does she let him stay at her house? Why is there an indian man with a duck named Tapioca? Why does Haru’s (and now Coco’s) water gun seem to cause some sort of amnesia? The first question will probably never get answered, but the next two may get resolved soon.

Double trouble. Her name is Coco, but..she isn't loco (compared to everyone else)! Oh no!

Maybe they will get answered but then even more question can arise. I wouldn’t put it past this show to do something wacky and outrageous. We get to meet Haru’s sister (Emiri Kato, who voiced Kyuubey…foreshadowing here?), Yuki and Haru try to fish with Natsuki and the mysterious guy with the duck, Akira, transfers into Yuki and Haru’s class. I did notice the tone got a little more serious towards the end with Akira’s transfer, something about Yuki’s inner monologue about how everything would change from that day one reminded me of Kaito’s monologues from Ano Natsu de Matteru. Is the stylish art and zany antics a cover for something much darker? Who knows, but i sincerely hope the art style stays the same.

*chewing gum* Yews comin' wit me! *points gun*

Still, Tsuritama is definitely the most unique and bizarre series this season and I’m loving every second of it. I think of this show as Kimi to Boku but with a lot of energy and style, basically taking a good concept and making it so much better. I’m glad that this show and Sakamichi have been really stellar, as it’s good to see noitaminA move forward from their disastrous last season’s schadenfreude.

Score: 4/5




One thought on “Tsuritama – 02

  1. I agree with you. Tsuritama is sort of weird. They better explain everything. I particularly want to know the cause for Yuki being under that water and why the aliens want him to fish. And what is Akira’s connection with all of this?

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