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Tsuritama – 03-04

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Tsuritama continues to leave me speechless: speechless that such a bizarre and surreal series can also be quite heartwarming and even serious when it has to. Top that with a plot that has huge potential and Tsuritama is definitely – deservedly – ought to be called one of the best of Spring 2012. Seriously, this show has everything that I love and things that I’ve longed to see for quite a long time and to see these things work out so well is just icing on the cake.

Episode 3

I did see Yuki’s aunt getting sick happening, though I thought it would be later on in the series. She does a really good job in explaining how people, like flowers, eventually die and you have to nurture them well even though death is always the end result. Of course, Haru doesn’t quite understand her metaphor and carelessly tells Yuki that Keito will ‘just eventually die anyways’. I find myself on Haru’s defense: sure he said something really stupid and hurtful, but honestly I don’t think he meant to be like that. Yuki took it the wrong way of course, but luckily he quickly got over being depressed as I was afraid it’d get really melodramatic. It’s good to see Natsuki warm up to the two and his persistence in showing how to catch by naming it the Enoshima Bowl was clever. But the real scene-stealers were Akira and his cohorts of the Duck organization, who are trying to stop Haru and his sister. I mean this show is already absurd and bizarre but this just goes even farther into “WTF” levels of amusement. I do admit that Yuki’s crazy facial expressions are starting to get a little stale and creepy, but it’s only a minor complaint.  I’m glad that this show really likes to be creative and different while actually sticking with a plot.

Score: 3.5/5

Episode 4:

A much better episode than the last as Haru did get some really good character development. As I wrote for episode 3 that it really isn’t Haru’s fault for saying inconsiderate things and that was pretty much confirmed by both Keito and later, Yuki himself as the two get into another fight. Usually, I cringe when series use a fight to either develop characters or add to the plot and ends up turning awful or cheesy (like Natsuiro Kiseki). But this was really well done, and definitely had value beyond just a simple fight. Even Natsuki’s issues with his father were touched upon and I hope this show has enough time to properly detail their distant relationship. The biggest mystery in this show has to be Akira and his Duck organization: are they just committed to fighting only aliens, or what? What’s not surprising (at least to me) was that Yuki’s phone conveniently died right as he was going to show Haru the picture of the sea bass he caught. I’m betting he’ll catch another soon enough and how that ties in to the major plot (with Haru’s sister making brief appearances throughout the episode).

Score: 4/5

Note: Episodes 5 and 6 will also be combined post, sorry for the interruptions.


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  1. I am really curious as to what Tapioca’s agenda is.

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