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Hyouka – 03


This is promising: seeing Hyouka gradually get better each episode. This episode tied in the mystery of the Classics Club’s history and Chitanda’s family nicely. What struck me was how once again the animation here really breathed life into Chitanda’s conversation with her uncle. It didn’t seem like this episode was going to go anywhere until Houtarou was able to really corner that senpai into handing over the Classics Club’s anthologies, well all except the first volume.

For a guy who prides himself on conserving energy, Houtarou seems to be doing the exact opposite but won’t admit to it obviously and chances are he’ll gradually use up more of his energy for the mysteries. So Chitanda’s request is to help her remember what her uncle said about the Classics Club that made her breakdown into tears and relations with her uncle’s family has soured after that. Again, very nice visuals here that made this flashback a lot more creative than usual.

But I think Houtarou really proved to be a more sensible character this episode, noticing little things like the boxes that were near the biology room which turned out to be infrared sensors (damn, that senpai is high strung..). Putting those all together and threatening to call a teacher to look for the anthologies prompted our senpai to go absolutely crazy, making it quite obvious he’s hiding something like the fact he’s a smoker and that is very much looked down upon in Japan. Houtarou had every reason to reject Chitanda’s request but I guess you can’t say no to someone so headstrong and with eyes that elicit a burning passion for the truth.

The really nice thing about this episode is that it set up the next mystery: where’s the first volume, because it likely has the answer to Chitanda’s request which was alluded in the second volume. This episode really felt like a storybook, a beginning (continuing from last episode) a middle (the search for the anthologies) and an end (the search for volume 1) and it was definitely well animated and by far the best episode of Hyouka so far.

Score: 3.5/5

Also, lol Satoshi why the hell are you wearing a sunflower? And I think that guy in the cafe either knows Chitanda’s uncle or it is her uncle..


3 thoughts on “Hyouka – 03

  1. Personally, as expected. For shows like Un-Go and GOSICK, for some reason the show gets off to a slow or basic start, but gradually gets better. For both I gave up after three episodes because the shows I felt were average. Then months later I hear the shows are great. I’d rather not get caught in the same trap with Hyouka!

  2. “For a guy who prides himself on conserving energy, Houtarou seems to be doing the exact opposite “

    His problem is, specifically, Chitanda. He simply can’t tell her “no”.

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