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My Ideal Anime Cast + A Big Bad Obstructionist


This is my ideal anime cast that was proposed by another blogger, Yerocha. Using the Five Man Band trope as a basis for the structure, the task is to pick five people who represent “The Hero”, “The Lancer”, “The Smart Guy”, “The Big Guy” and “The Girl”, or any other character types. Surprisingly, I didn’t use the kind of characters I’d normally go with and I really mixed this up. Yes that means no Lelouch as the Hero – but…he’s somehow a part of this anyways! Check out the cast below..

The Hero

The Hero is essentially the main character, and in this case, the leader of the Five-Man Band.

My pick for “The Hero” is without a doubt, Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero. Kiritsugu embodies the real struggle to be a hero (or an “Ally of Justice” – whichever you prefer) and combating the very misguided perceptions on how one becomes a hero. He may be callous and brooding, but his sense of justice is what every hero has to aspire to. Usually, the hero has some sort of traumatic experience before he decides to walk the path of justice, usually as a response to an injustice that was inflicted to him or his loved ones. This is no exception for Kiritsugu, as the viewers of Fate/Zero recently saw just how he was once a happy boy with a crush on an older friend who’s actions indirectly caused the extermination of the residents of young Kiritsugu’s home and his response is to not only stab his father in the back but shoot him three times.

He is unwavering in his pursuit for justice and if it means dirtying his hands with blood, then that is what the magus killer must do. To strive for a more just world, Emiya Kiritsugu takes the hardest road to become a hero.

Runner-ups: Lelouch and Light

The Lancer

The Lancer represents a contrast to The Hero, and that is why I’m going with Light Yagami from Death Note.

Light, like Kiritsugu, will take the most dark and bloody path to become a hero and fight for justice and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. However the notion of being a hero is corrupted by the alluring power of the Death Note and Light soon gets in over his head and uses this power to solidify his status as a being of a higher existence, thus the nature of becoming a hero and to fight for justice was discarded in favor of absolute greed and lust for power but occasionally used his powers to stop injustice and rid the world of evil.

Ironically this goal ended up so corrupt that by the end of the series, it was Light Yagami who was the evil of the world. He’d get along alright with Kiritsugu but his ego will surely annoy the stoic magus killer. Sometimes Light reminds me of Ryunosuke from Fate/Zero only a bit more sane.

The Smart Guy

The Smart Guy is weak physically, but very intelligent and clever. Nerdy and awkward, he is Kouta Tsuchiya of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

I was going to pick Lelouch for the Hero, but here’s a consolation prize..

Kouta (aka, Muttsurini) fits this trope to a T. He’s extremely physically weak because even a passing glance at a girl’s breasts leaves him spurting out tons of blood, to the point where he actually required medical attention for such a blood loss. But, what hampers our young pervert only makes him stronger. He knows practically everything about females – cup size, types of fashion, collections of porn DVDs that he studies and his A+ grade in Health comes in handy, plus with his trusty camera he’s bound to snap a shot of some fabulous juggers if he can withstand the blood loss in time.

He’s usually the go-to guy to get information on the other students at Fumizuki Academy, selling pictures of girls he’s taken pictures of or divulging personal information he’s heard while hiding out in the girl’s locker room, Kouta has no shame in what he does and thus earned his nickname Muttsurini, meaning pervert. His antics will no doubt annoy his fellow bandmates, who are busy trying to rid the world of evil.


The Big Guy

The absolute in terms of brawn and pure strength, Simon Brezhnev from Durarara!! is a sight to see.

He may seem kind and compassionate but if you’re making a ruckus around his sushi bar, the half-russian, half-african will teach you a lesson you’ll never forget – and he even may offer you a discount at his bar if you’re really feeling apologetic for your actions. In fact the two most toughest people in Akihabara, Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima can acknowledge his strength and can even match the two in a fist fight, though if Shizuo’s carrying around a vending machine he really wouldn’t be able to take him on then.

His ethnicity also played a factor in the band crew selection, but there’s no affirmative action to be seen here folks so move along. Here’s a guy who can kick your ass from every corner of the world, offer you a discount on sushi and even crack some jokes (if he isn’t cracking heads..). Simon will definitely keep Light under control and almost unofficially serve as the right-hand man to Kiritsugu.

Runner-up: Rider – Fate/Zero

The Girl

The Girl is the one who brings the rest of the crew together, encouraging honesty and team-work while working behind the scenes to unlock their potential. This is a role for young Meiko “Menma” Honma of Ano Hana.

Being able to talk about Menma is actually refreshing. From the get-go, we know she’s a spirit – of course this means she’s dead (yay not a spoiler!). She really wants her old friends to come together and sets in motion a goal to do just that – her playfulness and her resolve to have a wish granted is what makes Menma the glue that holds everyone together. She’s sweet, but firm when she has to and like a child would she doesn’t take no for an answer. How does she hold this cast of misfits together, well this is why:

For Kiritsugu – He eventually opens up to his adopted son after the grail war and Menma may represent Kiritsugu’s eventual decision to adopt a foster child.

For Light – She’s dead, so his Death Note won’t have any effect on her. It’s funny, but also very true and she’s dealt with people with huge ego problems so that’s another thing not to worry about.

For Kouta – Even Menma has shown to be a little risque at times, but a girl of this age and post-mortem status will keep the voyeur at bay from his lewd antics. She may even find time to comfort the poor kid if need be.

For Simon – She’ll definitely click the most with our brute. He’s shown to be very compassionate and understanding and having Menma in the group, we’ll see more of the kinder and gentle Simon.

But there’s one very big obstacle in the way to be taken care of…

The Big Bad

A character that defies all meaning of callous, sinister and twisted. This is a character who takes joy in the suffering of others and could care less for the implications of his actions and that’s exactly Sanetoshi from Mawaru Penguindrum.

Mawaru Penguindrum starts off much happier than expected and ends on what can only be called ‘bittersweet’ – an emphasis on bitter. The main antagonist who pulls the strings (of the series and of fate itself) is the ‘electrifying’ Sanetoshi. He was responsible for orchestrating a massive terrorist attack that killed thousands in the pursuit to find the answer to life’s questions. He’s used whatever he can to get what he wants – small children are no exception and the diary of Momoka proves to be a major hurdle in his goals. Deception is also a major instrument he uses to turn people against each other – not caring what will happen to them so long as his plans succeed. He taunts our main characters endlessly inside a mysterious library with some connection to one of the main characters.

Sanetoshi for me is pure evil and while he reminds me of Kyuubey from Madoka Magica, he clearly knows what he’s doing is wrong and doesn’t stop and even increases his malice and terror. Fate is a very touchy subject, but Sanetoshi is more interested in what Fate benefits him only. In fact, Sanetoshi only lost because two people sacrificed their lives, their dreams, their futures and their loves to stop him. He is the definition of pure evil.

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9 thoughts on “My Ideal Anime Cast + A Big Bad Obstructionist

  1. I don’t know all the characters on this list, but there’s a certain mental image of Menma riding on Simon’s back that is just too amazing for words. Good list, and thanks for reminding me to watch Penguindrum.

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  4. “She’s dead, so his Death Note won’t have any effect on her.” <- Lol, nice one there.

    I like that you chose Light as the contrast to Kiritsugu because I can imagine the final epic battle between both of these guys. They're smart and calculative so it won't be easy.

  5. Nice list. I especially like your choice for the big guy though I think Shizuo make an excellent choice as well. The dude treat a gunshot to his leg like an insect bite! Well that’s a bit exaggerating xD

    • I was thinking “Hmm, I want to pick characters I usually wouldn’t.” I thought of Shizuo too and indeed nobody else can lift a vending machine like a paperweight but i settled for Durarara’s under appreciated chef.

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