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Tsuritama – 07

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It’s pretty interesting when a show that completely immerses itself in surrealism and fantasy, knows exactly how to portray the one aspect of friendship that usually gets overly melodramatic and overblown: the first fight with your friend. Realistic emotions were on the hot seat this episode as Natsuki’s family issues get slightly more attention.

It’s obvious that Haru is hiding something from the gang: the glowing triangles, the fishermen doing the Enoshima dance growing in number and what happened last episode. I get he isn’t doing it for a sinister purpose, he still has his talks with Keito about friendships, ethics and Haru’s own curiosity, but I fear that whatever gets revealed in the coming episodes will have some nasty implications – Sakura running away from home may be foreshadowing such events.

Yuki has really developed into a more normal teenager, though old habits never die out. He spent a whopping $1500 on fishing gear, but he really wanted to use his own money to buy the gear – something I really liked and illustrates his growing maturity. But the focus was on Natsuki this episode – his birthday devolved into a shouting match with his father for not telling him about plans to convert the family’s shop into something else and an argument with Sakura ends with a slap and her presumably running away from home. I wish we’d learn something about Natsuki’s mom, because without such backstory it makes Natsuki look like a real jerk for hitting his sister. Which leads me to this question: Will Tsuritama tie up every loose end? I want to say no, but there’s been a lot that has happened these last seven weeks – a lot of things I’d expect to see in a longer series. The more I watch Tsuritama, I realize it’s more about friendship then the alien/fish business. The opening theme is pretty normal (minus the dance), just a bunch of friends with a common interest who grow closer because of their interests and most of this show’s conflicts can easily be applied to real life.

Score: 4/5


One thought on “Tsuritama – 07

  1. Love to read your reviews, by the way don’t you like the Pretty Cure Series?
    Seriously I watch all animes that you talk here, and I love it, it was a rare coincidence… But precure is the only one that its not here…

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