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Fate/Zero – 21

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Week after week, I feel that Fate/Zero is really saving the best for the very last because this wasn’t a really good episode and these last few weeks weren’t up to par with season 1’s episodes. For us knowledgeable folk, the wait is excruciating and the urge to let a few spoilers slip up is even worse, and to those who haven’t seen any other Fate/ series, you’ll be glad you’re in the dark on some key issues and events because this is a really great show that is more than on par with its successors and sequels.

So, turns out Rider didn’t actually kidnap Irisviel and it was of course Berserker. I didn’t even know he had such an ability – it would have been useful to use it earlier in the war, but maybe Kariya didn’t know about this ability until Kirei told him about it. Speaking of Kirei, the man has fully earned a spot on the Troll Master Hall of Fame: convince the most pathetic and pitiful character that he’d get revenge against the man who has done him wrong countless times, place said dead man’s body in a church and have Kariya find him while said dead man’s wife walks in with Kariya holding Tokiomi. I think everyone in this show is easy to show pity for – but no one deserves it more than Kariya Matou: misfortune is what he seems to be born with. Moving on from that, Saber pursues the real Rider in an epic battle of gorgeous animation and quick wits, but small things like debris and rupturing the ground are no match for the King of Knights. Rider makes a mistake in calculating Saber’s estimated time it takes for her to use Excalibur and almost suffers the same fate as Caster, but quick thinking saves the wonderful duo for another day. “Hey, how are we getting back home?” “Walk, of course.” “Oh, yeah.” The rest of the episode was basically Kirei and Gilgamesh enjoying Kariya suffer, with Kirei wanting “another sip of this wonderful drink”.

Next episode is definitely going to be Fate/stay night-centric, “All the Evils in the World” is a phrase that has etched in our minds (including but not limited to: “Rejoice, Emiya Shirou”, Unlimited Blade Works chant, and more) and I can definitely say that it won’t be a disappointing episode. We’re almost done with such an amazing show and though it’s been a bumpy ride lately, I definitely am proud to be a fan of this series.

Score: 3.5/5

Also, pardon my language but  that motherfucker Zouken Matou deserves to rot in hell and have some of his worms eat him alive and do other things that I won’t go into detail about.


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