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Hyouka 06: Why Did I Get Angry For?


An episode about why Chitanda got mad at a math teacher, you expect that to be extremely boring and almost painful to watch. But with KyoAni involved, it was another good episode filled with Chitanda being curious, Chitanda as an angel, many chibi Chitandas crawling on Houtarou saying “I’m curious” and Chitanda cutely trying to break off Satoshi and Mayaka’s argument. If you love Chitanda, you’ll fall in love with this episode.

There’s not much to talk about this episode as it was merely Chitanda asking Houtarou for help on why she got mad at her math teacher. Houtarou really doesn’t like having to solve her mysteries, but we all know Chitanda is not one who gives up, not at all. The findings: math teacher mixed up class A’s and D’s notes, and assumed class A knew some tricky math that they clearly didn’t. Lesson learned: “a” and “d” can be very confusing to the Japanese. Let’s just go the Awesome Animation Moments:


Hyouka Awesome Animation Moments

(Click the image for a better view)

I  was having dinner when I saw this…and now my screen had to be cleaned. It was absolutely hilarious, poor Houtarou. I actually thought something like this was going to happen but then I thought “No, this is too crazy”…KyoAni proves me wrong again.

Houtarou assuming Chitanda shares his same “energy saving” philosophy and visualizes this. Sadly, Chitanda was only joking when she said that. Being Houtarou is suffering or Chitanda is a hidden troll?

LOL either Houtarou is bad at drawing or he really wants to stick it to Mayaka. DAT CHIN.

It gets worse, poor Chitanda. If only Satoshi was included, I could’ve assumed he’s bad at drawing or he just doesn’t like to draw girls.


By the end of this series, you’ll at least know that “Kini narimasu” means “I’m curious/I’m intrigued”. Learning Japanese through anime is slow, but I already know some phrases thanks to shows like these.

Score: 3.5/5


2 thoughts on “Hyouka 06: Why Did I Get Angry For?

  1. those many chibi Chitanda!! They’re so cute! Looks like Hyouka’s back on the normal school-style mystery (not that they’re not there the entire time). I really need to watch this episode already x3

  2. I also grabbed a screen shot of that scene with those chibi Chitandas around Houtarou’s head – love that image – his single eye conveys a volume of information regarding his mental state 😉

    I’m really caught up in the characters and the interactions between them. It’s not only the dialog, but even their body language is also well done. Mayaka’s dispute with Satoshi was incredibly telling – we don’t know anything other than that he stood her up yesterday. Yet, reading between the lines I got a lot out of it. To me, it’s entirely obvious that she is frustrated with him for much more than just that – she wants him to take her more seriously. For his part, he never tried to dispute what she was saying – he knew he was in the wrong and he had no way out other than letting her vent. He clearly does like and respect her – he’s just not yet ready to give what she wants out of him.

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