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Tsuritama – 08

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Sorry for the slow posts, my last two weeks of high school involve a crap ton of projects and thus more delays. JUST. TWO. MORE. WEEKS. 😀

Tsuritama, for me, hits all the right notes. What last episode had hinted that darker times were approaching was more or less affirmed by this episode. How is it possible that an 11 episode series can actually tell a pretty developed plot with strong character development? Whatever Tsuritama did for the last seven episodes should be a message to those who say such a short number of episodes is ‘impossible’ to tell a great story: It can be done. Just look at the other noitaminA show…

First of all I’m glad I got one thing right: Akira has indeed been betrayed by the Duck organization after pleading with his superiors that JF1 Haru is actually not the real danger. Akira’s development has been very low-key and subtle but for a guy who’s had around only 5 real episodes of screentime, that’s some really good development. I’m glad he helped Akira find Sakura, because for me that was the real turning point in his character.

So the one who brainwashed Haru is actually another alien like him and Coco and the only real way to stop it is by fishing it out of the water. But things get even worse when Coco tells Akira that a storm or heavy rain will cause the entire world to fall victim to the Enoshima dance. Yes, the biggest danger this show is facing is the possibility that the entire world would start to break out in dance…and it’s not a joke either. That’s why I really enjoy Tsuritama: it knows when to be funny and laid-back, but it also knows when to get serious. I also get the foreshadowing during Kate (I guess Keito=Kate) and Haru’s  conversation, and I really think that Haru will have to leave in the same fashion as that ‘one summer’ show. Luckily there isn’t any romance in this series (unless bromance counts) for any possible derailment.

At the end of the day, Tsuritama is a show that really puts a smile on my face: real people (minus Haru and Coco), real problems (abandonment, loss of a family member, being a social outcast) and real emotions. All of which are nicely wrapped together in a very surreal and bizarre sci-fi series, and in 11 episodes. I didn’t want to say this, but Tsuritama reminds me of Baccano!: accomplishing a lot in very little time with very loveable characters. Definitely not as great as Baccano, but Tsuritama definitely deserves the praise because it’s earned it in my eyes.

Score: 4.5/5


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