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Fate/Zero – 22

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Oh man, this is “the calm before the storm” episode only imagine the storm to be around 100 simultaneous Hurricane Katrina’s and multiply their power by around 100. Ufotable, why must you blatantly foreshadow what will happen next episode? There was a lot to like this episode if you’re a fan of Team Rider, especially if you’re a doujin artist…

Of course, most people love Rider. He’s the kind of character you’d want to have as an ally, and definitely a friend. Waver goes through all three command spells, relinquishes his right as a Master and still that doesn’t stop Rider from treating him any different. That also applies to his not-grandpa, who somehow realized that Waver wasn’t his grandson but that too didn’t stop him from treating him any differently. Being Waver is amazing, huh?

And of course, most people really despise Kirei. Killing Irisviel is one of the many things he’ll be known for to cause the ire of the fandom, and the coming episodes will really drive that hatred and anger towards him. His bitter hatred towards Kiritsugu will be something the next three episodes will focus on completely, so make sure you read between the lines with his dialogue this episode. And that Ilya appearance was a very nice touch to mark the end of Irisviel. Steadily but surely, the death count in Fate/Zero is almost at its end. I believe there’s only two or three more to go.

Now I can surely say that the next three episodes will be the best Fate/Zero has ever been and if ufotable plays its cards right (i.e – not cutting out important scenes for the BD), then next episode will be the one to remember, and the one that determines whether this show gets a 10 from me or not. Such high stakes mean only one thing…


SPOILERS (Highlight the white text to reveal)

I tried not to spoil..but its very hard not to. DON’T highlight if you want to have your sanity stolen.

Next week, June 10th: historically it is the death of Alexander the Great and the preview for next week’s episode: Oh wow, ufotable let’s show how Rider meets his end. I’m convinced that this episode will be by far the best.


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