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Hyouka 07: Siblings and (Fan) Service

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You know what really surprised me: there was more Houtarou/Satoshi fanservice than there was Chitanda and Mayaka. KyoAni, you need to remember the gender of your most diehard fans are male. Another small mystery, but much more thought-provoking than last week’s. Surprisingly, I find myself liking Hyouka more and more now especially Houtarou because I share a lot of common traits with him.

Immediately when Houtarou muttered that the gang would visit the hot springs, I knew I’d be expecting fanservice. But of all places, only Chitanda got a brief scene of it and none of Mayaka. So if you’ve been watching Hyouka and are female and really love Houtarou (and Satoshi), this is the episode you don’t want to miss. I never knew it was acceptable to wear pants without any underwear/boxers/briefs, I guess going commando wasn’t just limited to a certain busty female..

But the mystery this week was the discovery of a hanging body in the closed down rooms across the rooms of our main characters, staying at an inn by Mayaka’s relatives. I knew the mystery would be another easy one, but surprisingly I was actually confounded a bit until Sherlock Holmes Houtarou started piecing together the clues, clues that are a little obvious but mostly subtle hints: one of the girls who works at the inn writes her name on everything she owns, the other doesn’t. It plays a small role in establishing that the younger sister took her older sister’s yukata for a summer festival, only to rain and really mess up the yutaka. So, she hangs the yutaka in the closed down room across the way and thus the mystery was explained.

But what I really liked is how the mystery tied in with Chitanda wanting to have siblings. In fact, I’ve noticed this show tends to do this for every mystery so far. Being the ever-so curious moe wonder that she is, Chitanda presses Houtarou on his sister and what he thinks of her. I guess being an only child is a pretty lonely thing, but somehow I feel that Chitanda was able to deal with it. But of course, Houtarou bluntly tells her that siblings aren’t necessarily as awesome as she thinks and that ties into the younger sister taking (without permission) her older sister’s yutaka, but in the end siblings do love each other as shown in the last scene of the episode.

I realize now that this show isn’t meant to be about solving big and complicated mysteries but rather small, not-so mysteries with a slice of life element: that element being a fixture of KyoAni’s works, so it doesn’t really surprise me now why they decided to adapt Hyouka. I’m growing even more fond of Hyouka almost in the same way that Houtarou is growing even more ‘curious’ of Chitanda: passing out in the onsen, blushing when Chitanda is almost on top of him…the poor guy really wants a girlfriend, but will we get that far? Who knows.

Score: 3.5/5


One thought on “Hyouka 07: Siblings and (Fan) Service

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