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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE – 35

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AGE doesn’t get enough love, especially after Random Curiosity dropped it, and the show is showing serious promise now with it in its last generation. I’m covering it till the end, folks!

Finally, Gundam AGE has really started showing promise. If this show had to sacrifice the first two arcs to make the last one amazingly awesome, I’m quite alright with it because anything that’s good about AGE has to be highlighted. Now, with all three protagonists from each generation finally established and danger for Kio incoming, there’s a lot of promise that AGE can really deliver a great finale.

Continuing with last episode’s (not-so-shockingly) reveal that Asemu is still alive and is leading a group of pirates named Visidian (no, I’ll call it Visidian…Bisidian is stupid.) who are trying to reform the Federation from the outside. From the onset, he’s not trying to kill Kio but rather gauge his strength but that gets hampered with an attack by the Vegan, led by the perpetually inept and failure-ridden Zeheart Galette. Not surprisingly, Asemu gets to show off his modified AGE-2 “Dark Hound” and proceed to easily defeat most of the Vegan forces along with Kio.

Now we get some varied responses to Asemu being alive: Papa Flit is very angry about his son being a pirate, tells Kio to forget him and pretend he died as an ‘honorable’ Federation pilot. First of all, how in the hell do you say that to your grandson with a straight face Flit? Sure, you’ve had a real unlucky life (home destroyed, mom killed, love interest killed, mentor figure killed and now your son’s a pirate..) but Kio never even had a normal life and yet you want him to give up the person he’s missed and needed the most? Sorry, but don’t drag your despair and pitiful nature onto adorable Kio. Anyways, Flit rant aside (and he is a great character, but really annoying) the encoded message that Asemu gave to Kio was revealed.

So the major conflict with the Vegan and Federation is now the ownership of the “EXA-DB”, a database of vital information such as combat stratagies, MS design blueprints and other data that would definitely give a huge advantage to whoever possesses it. In fact, Zeheart remarked that Lord Ezelcant obtained a small piece of the EXA-DB and that small piece is responsible for everything in the Vegan military. Wow, and that’s just a small piece so it’s definitely a very important thing than can easily turn the tide of battle which way it’s being in the hands of. But before that, Zeheart and fellow Ezelcant disciple Zanald are ready to initiate a pincer attack on the Diva, but tensions are high amongst the two most likely that’ll be a problem exploited next episode if it weren’t for the fact that…

Something is going to happen to Kio. The next episode is titled “Stolen Gundam”, and Papa Flit is going out in the AGE-1 which means that Kio is likely going to get captured by the Vegan. Is Flit’s time running short or will their be a way to save Kio? Finally, AGE is really starting to improve across the board: the art is still painfully weak, but the fight scenes deliver. The music is also a huge step-up from the first generation and the characters are also another major upgrade. With (presumably) 15 episodes left, I believe that AGE is truly saving the best for last with this arc.


Score: 3.5/5


One thought on “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE – 35

  1. You is added to my feed reader dawg I agree not enough love for the AGE

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