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[UPDATED] The Next Step..


UPDATE: Read the rest of the post for my summer plans and my life story

Sorry for making an impromptu  post, but I want to let you all know now that Hyouka (yesterday’s ep) and Tsuritama will be posted on Friday. I’m preparing for graduation as we speak (or type..), it feels really weird that high school is pretty much over and entering college in the fall. Oh well, time flies! I’ll use this post for that announcement I was supposed to do yesterday, so this’ll be stickied for a while.

So yeah, today (as of the update) I’ve officially left high school but the moronic school administrators powers that be want to prolong giving me my diploma until Thursday for the graduation ceremony, and that’s what I’ve been preparing for and it’s quite stressful. Now, I’m really not sure if I’ll have much spare time in Fall as I’ll be taking 4 or 5 classes then, but as always I’ll keep you guys posted.

Thankfully college for me doesn’t start until August but I expect it to be a pretty hectic few months, dealing with college business and enjoying the so-called gateway period – after high school but before college. As such, posts can or may be delayed at any time but I will promise that they will be posted in a timely fashion and with analysis. I’ve already made my picks on what to blog next season because the offerings are much much less than Spring, Fall or Winter and for me that’s a godsend and the Summer Schedule is complete with the listings and my plans, and -blacksheep will more than likely stay on for next season, though she’s stated that her choices will be less than what’s she’s currently doing.

Here’s my schedule for Summer:

Mondays-Wednesdays: Nothing

Thursdays: Natsuyuki Rendevous, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Eureka Seven: AO

Fridays: Nothing, Accel World is dropped in favor of Sword Art Online

Saturdays: Dog Days 2 , Sword Art Online, Kokoro Connect, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2

Sundays: Hyouka, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Rinne no Lagrange, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (three-ep test)

In total: 10 series (with Jinrui, 11) which is less than the now 14 series for Spring, but I was hoping for half of last season’s – so, seven -, but things can change.

What I’m Blogging

I’m blogging four shows next season: In addition to continuing Hyouka, I’m picking up starting tomorrow the 11th of June, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Even though I’ve ranked it at the bottom consistently, it’s finally showing potential and things look to be getting much better now that the finale is in sight plus there’s really no coverage out there after Random Curiosity dropped it. I’ll be covering it till the end (presumably through episode 50). Both Hyouka and AGE air on Sundays, AGE in the morning or early afternoon (usually around 10:00 AM PST) and Hyouka later in the day – AGE will definitely be posted same-day, while Hyouka will probably be posted around midnight or early Monday.

The next show I’m blogging is the second season of Dog Days. While I had my issues with the abrupt change in tone in the last half of the show, I did enjoy the wackiness of it all and it’s really solid entertainment and it’s my guilty pleasure series of the summer. There’s a lot to talk about for this show: the crazy-awesome list of seiyuu involved, the antics and a potential romance sub-plot are things that will surely be the driving factor of this serious, along with the crazy antics of the cast.

The final show is still to be considered, but my top picks are Rinne no Lagrange 2, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2, Natsuyuki Rendevous and Kokoro Connect. Below I’ll list the good and bad things that are in consideration as candidates

Rinne no Lagrange:

Good – A very anticipated sequel, original anime meaning lots of surprises and no worries of spoilers.

Bad – If I did blog Lagrange, it would be the third show in the same day after Hyouka and AGE. I’m very afraid of burning out, but I really loved the first season so anything can happen.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon:

Good – Lots of interesting things to talk about, lots of action/eye candy, Toori is a very fun character to watch

Bad – The terminology is INSANE. I have a habit of forgetting lots of small details (I had to rewatch the first episode of Eureka Seven AO 5 times to get what they were talking about…)

Natsuyuki Rendevous:

Good – Josei on noitaminA=instant win, Maturity level will be high, synopsis is very interesting

Bad – Lots of question marks, sure it sounds great but will it be something to discuss frequently (Like Uchuu Kyoudai’s problem that DonDonKun had)

Kokoro Connect

Good – Synopsis is very intriguing, decent staff (artistic value: high, storytelling: probably dirt low)

Bad – Said staff has issues with storytelling and that can be a problem, How long is this show?


4 thoughts on “[UPDATED] The Next Step..

  1. Good luck on entering college! Definitely something that’ll take over your life. haha. just kidding. Everything is definitely manageable depending on your major and time management.

    Anyway, I hope that it’s okay since I plan to cover only 2 shows here this time around. It’s funny that we’re at opposite ends. While you’re taking your summer vacation, I just came back from school. lol. I plan to wait for randomc’s preview before I decide on anime to blog although I only plan to choose weekend anime this time since I have school from Monday – Thursday (GMT+8) <- 1hr delayed from Japan XD

    ~oh and I'm glad that you'll be covering DogDays. I really like that series although it's not really something I can blog 😀

    • Yeah, I’m anxious to register for classes and see what I can pick before classes fill up. Oh yeah, in fact I’m not sure if I really want to cover a fourth show as of now so I don’t mind especially because you’re in college and you should focus more on that rather than doing this 😀

      I like Dog Days (when it isn’t trying to be serious), especially the awesome voice actors like Mamoru Miyano (whom I see you really like lol).

  2. Congrats on entering college. Congrats on graduating from high school too 😀

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