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Another Update


Hyouka 08-09 post: tomorrow, I’m finding it harder and harder to find things to talk about this show and it’s likely going to air right up till college starts. It’s not looking good for Hyouka, folks..I’ll give it two more episodes before I drop it from blog status (I’ll still watch)

May Monthly In Depth Corner – Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten about this one. It’ll be about original anime series versus adapted anime series with a sneak peek of June’s in-depth corner. It’ll be done by next week, it’s about 40% done.


3 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. Hyouka seems to be an interesting series but almost similar things happening each episode and nothing entirely new which makes it a bit difficult to talk about.

    I see you’re point for your May Month in depth corner when I read your Tsuritama post && I’m definitely looking forward to it 😀

  2. I haven’t seen Hyouka ep 9 yet, but I glanced at the MAL forum and it looks like the “mystery” is still in progress. Hmph. I’m betting that the “movie” the Classics Club saw was a Stalking Horse, and the four members of the Classics .Club are the Film Club’s real targets.

  3. I heard this arc will be FOUR episodes long, till episode 11. (from someone who’s translating the novels so it’s definitely true)…my god KyoAni why?? You’re really testing my patience..

    I already watched 8 and 9 but I’m struggling to find something meaningful to talk about besides Chitanda getting drunk off of chocolates.

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