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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE – 36

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Compared to last week’s episode, it was a bit of a stepdown. Things felt a bit more forced and we were treated to some awkward character moments: Flit going emotional, Asemu asking Flit to save his own son (?), even our lovely captain was more notably unpolished than usual. Still, we got to see some more old faces and poor Kio really did get captured by that evil fat dude (I hope there aren’t any fanfics of those two..).

So last week’s final scene was just a big troll: the beam saber thing didn’t actually hit Kio but missed barely. Flit comes in and tries to fight Zeheart and Zanald ordering Kio to return to the Diva, but Kio doesn’t think it’s right to leave his gramps all by himself, but that was a big mistake because it enabled Zanald to capture Kio while Zeheart grudgingly defends Zanald from Flit who wants the Diva to pursue and destroy those MS, but that would cause the Diva to get attacked from the rear and captain Natora decides to continue with their original goal, much to Flit’s chagrin.

This is where papa Flit starts to get really emotional that no one bothered to save Kio and the ones to break up all of the angst is those really annoying kids that Wendy picked up many episodes ago. As much as the Diva crew want to rescue Kio, they need to resupply and the closest facility is the Madorna Workshop – a place our resident mechanic Rudy really doesn’t want to go back to. They meet Rudy’s mother, who tells the crew that there’s a message for Flit..naturally its from Asemu. Here’s what I didn’t get: why did he ask Flit for permission (a shout out to father’s day?), dude it’s YOUR son who cares what gramps has to say? I guess we can call it a nice gesture and leave it at that.

Poor Zeheart: the dude is just awful as a commander and he gets slammed into the AGE-1 by Zanald. Of course the purple-haired loli Fram is not amused by this but Zeheart remarks that as long as they captured Kio, nothing else matters. The one shining moment in this episode was Zeheart praising Fram for letting him escape the battlefield easier than expected. I wonder if Fram’s going to have doubts on killing him bet is that she kills Zanald instead. I wonder if Zeheart’s voice actor is a subtle hint that Zeheart will be a much bigger threat in the coming weeks (He and Tieria Erde from Gundam 00 are both voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya), because being Zeheart is truly suffering.

Speaking of suffering, oh Kio that face implies so many things that I can’t say without getting grossed out over. I really feel bad for a lot of characters in this show, for Kio it’s this episode, for Zeheart it’s every episode he’s on and for Flit…he and Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero are the most tragic characters I’ve seen in a while. Just imagine if Gen Urobuchi was in charge of a Gundam series, it would make Victory Gundam look like inspirational, feel-good TV. Anyways, decent episode by AGE standards (does AGE even have standards at this point?) but next week Kio gets to experience being around Vegans.

Score: 2.5/5

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