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Hyouka 08-09: How I Feel About These Episodes? Ask Houtarou

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Yeah, this is probably the most boring bunch of Hyouka episodes since the one with Chitanda’s math teacher. Even worse, it’s a FOUR episode arc (I was hoping it was just these two, so I could have a better reason for the huge delay). The best part of this is strangely, the unintentionally hilarious amateur video. Can these kids at least pretend to act?

Episode 08

This episode establishes the mystery for the gang to solve. Watching a poorly made horror video (it was more horror-filled than “Another” ever tried to be..I’ll give it that) that abruptly ends and the girl who asked their helped, Irisu, wants the gang to find out who “killed” the student? The rest of the episode was Houtarou trying to solve the mystery but alas, Irisu finally sends out some of the production members to help him figure out the crime.

Score: 3/5

Episode 09

So, the real ‘interesting’ part of these episodes begins with the first of three theories presented to the gang: #1 states that the killer used the window to kill Kaitou, but that was quickly rejected because the killer would been seen clearly by everyone else and Kaitou as well since the window was hard to open. #2 states almost the same, but the killer used a rope and entered the window and pointed to a member of the rock climbing club as someone with experience in using a long rope. Again, it was quickly rejected. #3’s theory directly conflicted with the script given to the gang, so that’s a no-go. Now Houtarou and Irisu meet and hopefully find out if they can actually ask the scriptwriter, Hongou, the whodunit question but knowing this show it’s probably certain that parts of the three theories presented in this episode contain some facts. But boy, this is gonna be a four-part arc according to KyoAni’s official website. If it can’t keep my interest, then Hyouka gets dropped from blogging status. Place your bets, guys.

Score: 2.5/5


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