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Kokoro Connect Pre-Air Thoughts

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So, there’s an 11 minute pre-air of the first episode of Kokoro Connect. The quality’s pretty bad, and I didn’t feel that screenshots would make this post look nice anyways. Even though this is just the first 11 minutes (minus the OP and ED that weren’t shown), I was already intrigued by how the body switching was going to be portrayed. It’s spontaneous and can happen at any time, the first victims being Yui (far left) and Yoshifumi (far right). Of course the other friends laugh it off, but the same happens to Taichi (middle) and Iori (second to left), again it was completely unpredictable and I’m very curious how this will work from this point on: will it be truly spontaneous or will the body switching only happen for plot specific events only and will this only affect the ones in love (Yoshifumi/Yuki, and presumably Taichi/Iori), so where does that leave Himeko in all of this?

So, this pre-air half episode had the same level of nothingness that Hyouka has, but kept me more interested. All in all, I say this was a really good preview and I’m looking forward to seeing this series when it premieres on July 6th.


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