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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 12 and Final Review


The final episode + final review posts are back! The rest of the shows that are ending this week will get the same treatment.

Well, I have to hand it to Shin Oonuma and Silver Link: they finally come through an deliver a really awesome finale (that i did NOT see coming) for once, they haven’t done that since season 1 of BakaTest. And what’s even more awesome is that these last few episodes have all been anime original, an even more impressive accomplishment. Of all the shows airing so far, Amnesia really improved the most out of them all.

The first part of this episode was definitely emotional, seeing Teiichi bond with Yuuko some more even though they know their time together is drawing short. It’s sad to see two people in love knowing their time is running out, but it’s also a relief to see that they aren’t acting any different and enjoying what little time they have. I definitely liked how Yuuko’s gradually fading from the real world was portrayed. But I expected Teiichi to fight back against Yuuko’s acceptance that she no longer has any regrets and thus her leave from the world to the place in the sky. Still, what made it more painful was the fact that Yuuko not only embraced her fate, but even pleading with Teiichi to forget about her, the one thing that she wants him to fulfill.

But wow, this was a really great way to show Yuuko fading from existence by muting her voice, that’s a pretty creative idea to do, making the two communicate by writing in the notebook. The insert song really fit the somber, yet somewhat optimistic tone of the episode. It was a heartwrenching few minutes that felt more like hours watching them share their final moments together and it was done beautifully, here the Shaft style really works wonders. Now that everything is said and done, I’m not surprised Dusk Maiden went for the typical “abrupt leave” ending…









Just kidding! *tries using Yuuko’s voice* Oh my goodness, I can’t hold in the excitement from such a wonderful change and not go with the same damn “abrupt ending”, so yeah I took 25 pictures of this episode (mainly of Yuuko..) to illustrate my joy in such an excellent ending. I did not see that ending coming at all, and I honestly felt it was going to be a very somber and bittersweet ending. Oh it was definitely 100% sweet and 0% bitter. The show ended by going back to its roots: being a light-hearted, occasionally perverted and frequently snarky ending. I think we can all agree that this was the “true end”, even if the show strayed far from the manga it’s good to see it still maintain the same mood and tone the past episodes had and I feel that Silver Link really got to be creative without having to worry about adhering to the manga. This was a wonderful idea to go original for the last few episodes and end on its own, rather than rushing everything to where the manga is now (like what Silver Link did with C3 during Fall 2011, and that was one of their worst series to date..).

Now I can’t say I felt like this the entire way (or it’d likely get a 90+ score..), the first six episodes were the weakest: They were light-hearted, but nothing really felt suspenseful or even haunting but yet that’s exactly how this show ended and I actually liked that. There were some school festival episodes and an episode at the pool which weren’t that great, but the next six really stepped up to the plate. Things got really serious, we got tons of backstory on Yuuko and the appearance of Shadow Yuuko drove the plot forward. The whole bit with Yuuko accepting her shadow self totally reminded of Persona 4, but Amnesia did a better job in portraying at as we only focused on Yuuko and her shadow rather than 6 different characters in a limited time frame. Putting it simply, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia was definitely a better show than I had imagined and I’m glad I stuck through all the mediocre episodes for a wonderful ending. Now excuse me while I celebrate some more…

Episode Score: 5/5

Animation – 8/10 (B): The actual animation was decent, but obvious budget cuts were…obvious. The artistic value, however, was amazingly well done. By now, If you’ve seen Silver Link (or Shaft) series you can expect beautiful art that even ties in with the plot. This was used well for the last few episodes, and the overall art style reminds me of ef – a tale of memories, which was also directed by Oonuma Shin. (If I had an “Art” grade it would probably be a 9/10 easily)

Story – 10/15 (C): The first six episodes are hit and miss: They’re fun, but all they do is tease us with really lame mysteries and most of those episodes were the typical school festival ones and one that took a majority of the episode in the pool. But the last six episodes were worth it: we got a huge backstory on Yuuko’s tragic past, her dissociation with her memories and accepting her shadow as another part of her. Yes that totally sounds and reminds me of Persona 4, but Amnesia did a much better job because the focus was only on Yuuko, rather than compressing six of them in a small timeframe.

Sound – 8.5/10 (B+): Yuuko’s voice..oh my god. To say it was a perfect match for Yuuko is an understatement, it IS her voice (if she was real..). Her seductive and mysterious voice and her playful voice, both of them sound completely normal and definitely NOT forced at all. I’ll be honest: the sound score here is pretty much: 80% Yuuko’s voice, 10% OP/ED, 10% everything else. But it’s not just Yuuko’s voice that’s pretty awesome: both OP and ED were really great, especially Yuuko’s version of Calendrier that she sung last episode. The other seiyuus did a good job as well, especially Yonaga Tsubasa as Teiichi (Can’t believe he also voiced Mihashi in Oofuri, what a big change in voice..) and Eri Kitamura as Kirie, who should stick to this voice and not the forced imouto voice she usually does.

Characters – 15/20 (C+): Ahh, this is a hard one. We have the amazing Yuuko, the alright-for-a-romance-series Teiichi, Kirie was alright when she wasn’t getting super emotional but Momoe…she’s a scene killer. Every time she’s on the screen, she just ruins the mood completely. I know some people like her, but she was utterly annoying.

Enjoyment – 35/45 (C+): Dusk Maiden at first never showed much promise, it was merely light hearted school hijinks one after the other. But it was a wise decision to take the anime into an original direction, because I feel that Silver Link does better when it’s not an adaptation and the best parts of Dusk Maiden were no doubt the anime original episodes. It’s good to see one Spring series deliver a satisfying ending with room to go on if need be. If you’re a patient one, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia will reward you for it. But it’s a six mile hike until you reach the pinnacle of greatness that this show offers, but it was well worth it, just be careful of obnoxious blonde haired girls on your path.

Overall Score – 76.5/100 (C+)


3 thoughts on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 12 and Final Review

  1. I never really checked out this series, it never really seemed that interesting. I’ll probably watch the first few episodes now thanks to your review. 🙂

  2. It seems I enjoyed this more than you did, but that’s okay. I think I was looking at the first 6 or so episodes as a literary contrast with what was to come in expectation, and in a lot of ways the two different moods of the earlier and later episodes in some ways to me mirrored the contrast between the two Yuuko’s. I have not read the source material but the first time I saw the ending with “Calendrier” I decided that a happy front was being put up and it would eventually be shown to be a mask. Whatever, I liked the show. 🙂

  3. I did not see the happy ending coming, thought it was going to be bittersweet like Anohana. The anime is not great, but it is not entirely bad either. I enjoyed it. Great review

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