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Sakamichi no Apollon – 11

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I don’t know if it’s just me but I get the feeling that Sakamichi no Apollon just got a little faster these past couple of episodes. The pacing had quicken a bit and although I feel what’s happening, with a lot of things going on in one episode, I’d say that it isn’t really that good.

With one more episode to go, I have no idea how this story will wrap up but I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed how things just turned out this episode. Like I said, it was rather fast paced compared to the previous ones but it’s no doubt that it moved me really well. I thought that Sentarou’s issues with his father will be the final drama this series will go through but it seems that it was just a simple opening and an attempt to make everyone think of it that way. With the way this episode ended, I was pretty surprised with what happened, with what Sentarou did.

Probably the best part of this episode was when Ritsuko sings My Favorite Things. I’ve been listening to that song from the soundtrack a lot because it gives off a really comforting feeling. It was really fun to see the three of them have the time of their lives and saying their favorite things. I was really looking forward to their performance at their final school festival. Who would have thought that something terrible would happen? The accident that Sentarou went through probably surprised everyone but suddenly knowing that Sachiko will be the one being on the critical condition surprised me the most. AND thus Sentarou’s breakdown begins. I don’t blame him for being like that. Sometimes I feel disappointed and hate myself as well. Of course I don’t run away because I’m scared to stay away from my comfort zone. For Sentarou’s position, it seems that he has always gone through more things that we can all just imagine to make himself feel that he is unneeded and only cause pain and such. It’s adolescent problems, I know. And I’m pretty sure that by the final episode, Sentarou will see some light and we’ll all see that happy ending in some pretty tear jerking kind of way.

Looking at Sakamichi no Apollon now, it is a very moving anime with a very good combination of its characters that are very easy to sympathize with, that very beautiful OST by Yoko Kanno and the really great atmosphere done by the collaboration of Tezuka Productions and MAPPA which fits the setting of the story very well. It started very well with each episode getting better than the previous and cliffhangers really make you look forward to it every week. The romance is done very well from Kaoru’s feelings towards Ritsuko to Sentarou’s one sided crush on Yurika to Ritsuko’s development from Sentarou to Kaoru. This would have been a pretty outstanding anime until its recent episodes which had been pretty fast paced and feels quite rush with one thing happening after another. Either way, I’d like to see the final episode and really judge this series(:

Score: 3/5

~sorry for the delay(:


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