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Kimi to Boku. 2 – 13 and Final Review

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edit by webkid94: One of three joint posts by -blacksheep and I! It’s LOOOONG too, if you didn’t already expect it 🙂


As a sequel, I have to admit that Kimi to Boku. 2 wasn’t entirely different from most sequels out there. It had its own ups and downs from the original series but it definitely won’t be better from its prequel. Not on my book.

This episode’s theme did felt more like a final episode compared to last season’s. Despite being already in college for 3 long years, seeing an episode like this make me reminisce about how I decided things back then. Similar to most of them, I find it pretty difficult to decided which major to take. Actually, I decided on a whim. (LOL. Yeah, I do that a lot). Anyway, I’m pretty glad to see this episode not being so focus on university stuffs. I noticed that this episode also goes around their changes as they grow older. Shun’s reminiscent of their kindergarten as he thinks about his first kiss. Funny how he was thinking of such things at a young age but the funniest idea here is that it’s coming from Shun.

This episode’s side segment was pretty amusing with all the university talk being step aside as Chizuru tries to walk the path of the tea. As how every Kimi to Boku episode goes, this fun part goes along with the main theme of the episode – thinking about their future careers. Before the series ends, I’m pretty glad to finally see Shun and Yuta’s club activities. Their club activities = eating Japanese sweets + drinking freshly prepared tea. I don’t know why Yuta joined the club but it’s pretty funny that Shun joined because Yuta did. It would have been good to hear his reasons.

In an overall look at this episode, this had been a pretty good final episode with an appropriate theme to end the series. With how I see this, I have to say that I’m satisfied with this ending (although I was disappointed that there was no Yuta x Takahashi episode) since Kimi to Boku isn’t really one of those anime that can throw off a big shot ending that will leave a memorable battle or mystery in everyone’s minds. Kimi to Boku has its own way of leaving a mark in everyone’s minds and it’s the fun filled reminiscence of each character. With the gang’s reminiscence together with their development as an adolescent, this series definitely gives a lot of life lessons that made me think a lot about myself(:


Kimi to Boku may just have it easy over every other series that’s also ending. It never promised anything big, but there was always something to look forward to each week. Of this, we finally have a really solid episode with Shun trying to figure out what to do after high school, which I myself also am trying to figure out. The episode was your standard KtB fare: another school episode devoted to Shun’s involvement in the Tea Club and Yuuki and Chizuru’s reactions that there’d be sweets there. The instructor, Tsunashi-sensei (the awesome Toshiyuki Morikawa *plays One-Winged Angel*) was hilarious. I knew Chizuru was going to make fun of the sensei’s baldness..but wow so did Kaname of all people! I think it’s subtle moments like those that KimiBoku really shines at. Everything was business as usual for this series but still, it didn’t really feel like a proper ending until the very last scene with Shun and everyone else going off to study and him seeing their younger selves rush by, happily enjoying their carefree days and a reminder that they still cherish their friendship. It was then that I thought “Oh wow, this show is really ending for good, isn’t it?” and then the credits start to roll and reality sunk in.

It was fun seeing Yuuta being the most mature person in this episode (that usually is reserved for Kaname), showing proper etiquette and strong manners – a huge change from Yuuki’s laziness and tendency to do nothing but read manga all day. Again, it’s moments like these that work well precisely because we’ve been exposed to these five friends for well over 25 episodes and thus their actions and behaviors are more legitimately portrayed as opposed to a 13 episode series that tries to rush character development just for the sake of time. Perhaps this show’s biggest weakness is that it’s almost TOO slow at points: the first two episodes were unbelievably slow even for a slice of life fan like myself but I’ll take the rare initiative and go back to rewatch those episodes (I never rewatch any series except Natsume Yuujinchou, that includes my other top 10’s) because now I can truly appreciate those first two episodes. In fact I think it applies to all slice of life series: they have weak beginnings because we’re not acquainted with these characters yet so the longer the show runs, the more better it becomes. This season was a big step-up from season 1 for that reason precisely.

I think this was a really good episode to end with, because even though the boys aren’t out of high school yet (that would have been an even more sadder episode, with me out of high school and all) it sets up the college decision making and the responsibilities that comes with becoming adults. This is why I love slice of life series: they portray life just as it is, nothing overly ridiculous or out of whack: it’s things that we see everyday and it’s why I appreciate series like KimiBoku for taking the challenge of animating such everyday things and portraying them very well. Slice of life has always been my favorite genre and KimiBoku does the genre justice in my opinion. A wonderful end to a criminally under-rated series. -Episode score: 3.5/5

Final Thoughts:


Watching Kimi to Boku. 2 this season was practically decided once the news came out. Yes, I was already a fan of the series right after the first episode of the first season began. I enjoy watching slice of life anime because it tackles different themes about life. I’ve seen a lot of anime under that genre and Kimi to Boku has got to be one of my favorites with a very good quick thoughts on different themes every episode. This season, as I have mentioned, isn’t as good as the first one. BUT I do have to admit that this season’s biggest up was the romance being leveled up a notch since all the first season did was introduce their romantic interests.

Story-wise, Kimi to Boku is the same as before, going with one character or topic focus per episode. The best part about this is that it’s very easy to relate to each of them and at the same time, they are very fun to watch. The first and final episodes were done pretty well. I like how the first episode was able to briefly give character background and the final episode actually giving off the right atmosphere to it. As for the characters, despite having the same set of characters with an additional of Okamoto Akihiro (Sugiyama Noriaki), Kimi to Boku’s enjoyment didn’t entirely go down. Sure there were a couple of episodes that would have those boring moments but all-in-all they were fun to watch and it was pretty good to see more developments on each character. Other than the 5 main characters, this season has also given more character development to Sato Masaki (Satou Miyuki).

Now for the music, similar to what was done last season, each episode comes with an insert song that adds drama to each episode. I’d say that they were pretty effective (to me at least). I’ve always wanted to get a copy of the insert songs because I like them so much. Other than the insert songs, the BGMs were pretty good too although definitely not my fave. With Nakayama Masato being in charge of the music since the first season, I’m pretty sure that everyone noticed how similar they had been (including the insert songs).

Finally for the art and animation of the series, nothing really changed since the first season. The atmosphere is as great as before with all those really great background art. What’s more fun in this season was that we all get to see more of their facial impression which I really enjoyed and are very well done whether it be for drama or comedy. But of course, it didn’t end there because in episode 10, we get to see some fan service by Yuta, Yuki and Kaname :3 Animation-wise, of course this isn’t some kind of action anime for J.C. Staff to show some mad skills but in their own way, Kimi to Boku had a decent animation with all those all those hair going with the direction of the wind and stuffs like that. It’s pretty shoujo-ish but definitely fitting for the atmosphere of the series.


As a whole, this was a much better season the rest. It explored the characters in more depth, and in the process brought to the attention the issue of romance. For a while, I did enjoy seeing Chizuru and Mary get to know each other better. But I felt their episodes took a little too much time out of everyone else’s (there could have been more Kaname and Yuuta episodes), and it started to annoy me slightly partly because it took me the longest to get use to Mary’s character. One of the best episodes in this season was the one with Yuuki and Kayo: it was a really sweet portrayal of romance, and while they had to go their different ways was a total cliche I think it was handled pretty well. That episode, and the one with the twins and last episode’s Kaname love issues were probably some of my top picks for this season. They all brought something new to the series that made it even more better than before, Indeed this show always found something to improve on slightly but it still made an impact.

Moving on to the staff/cast: I really think we have a pretty great cast: starting with Shun’s seiyuu Toshiyuki Toyonaga (who sounds nothing like Shun of course lol), I wonder how it can be possible to sound that cute and still be a guy. A criminally under-rated voice, as I’ve barely heard him besides voicing young Flit Asuno in Gundam AGE and some characters in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Miyu Irino does another great job voicing Chizuru, showing a side I haven’t quite seen of him though he is voicing another genki blonde hair guy, Haru from Tsuritama. Especially during the more serious scenes with Mary, his voiced reminded me of Jintan from Ano Hana (who he also voiced!). Onto the twins: I think Ryohei Kimura may be one of the fastest growing stars in the industry: he’s voicing THREE main characters for Spring: here as Yuuki, Kaoru in Sakamichi and Chihiro in Sankarea. They all sound the same in their own way and yet at the same time, they don’t. But his voice is pretty distinct to my ears..his talent being able to do really emotional scenes well, and though his true talent is a bit suppressed here with Yuuki’s apathetic nature I really liked his performance anyways. Kouki Uchiyama is also following Kimura’s footsteps but he’s even younger at only 22! Like him, Uchiyama is also voicing three main characters for Spring as Yuuta, Natsuki from Tsuritama and Banagher Links from the obnoxiously long waiting Gundam Unicorn. He too doesn’t get to show a lot of emotions being Yuuta’s seiyuu, but he does another splendid job. Finally we have Yuuki Ono as Kaname: I haven’t heard much from Ono besides Kagami in Kuroko no Basuke and Karasawa in Nichibros, but I think he does a really great job transitioning from annoyed to average. This show also brought in a lot of high profile seiyuu: Yuuki Kaji as the age misleading Akira, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Shun’s brother Fuyuki, Noriaki Sugiyama as Okamoto the one with the bike issues, Aya Endo as Kayo, Ai Kayano as Yuuta’s crush Rina and the legendary Mamiko Noto as Shizu-nee.

The OP/ED were an improvement for me personally, though the visuals got even more lazier (sadly, the show didn’t sell well at all so it’s to be expected I guess.) in the sequences. I really loved the OP, it’s J-Pop completely but it’s the kind I can listen to over and over. The ED was pretty cool, in exchange for Hotta Kichi’s illustrations for season 1’s ED we got to see everyone dress up as everybody else! I liked that and the song’s pretty catchy too. The music remained the same, with the insert songs sung by Shouta Aoi who also voiced Matsushita in the anime as well (and he’s a guy!). The soundtrack is very much like the series itself: laidback and calming. The animation itself actually improved a little bit, especially those really surreal scenes like Mary and Chizuru at that beach, Kayo and Yuuki all dressed up those were really nice visuals. Besides that, nothing else to note of really. I am glad that J.C.Staff can do at least one competent series that doesn’t involve Rie Kugimiya and/or annoying tsunderes or animate series not named Shakugan no Shana, Index or Zero no Tsukaima. The director’s previous works include Sora no Woto and…Elfen Lied?? Just wow.

So yeah, to sum it all up: this is a show that definitely improved from last season and I’m sad to see it go. Hopefully it’ll get a third season, but the chance is very, very slim.

-off-topic but interesting fun fact: Kouki Uchiyama voiced Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II (and Ventus too), and Miyu Irino voices Sora (and Vanitas) and they tend to be in the same shows together. So cool!

Animation – 8/10
Story – 10/15
Sound – 8.5/10
Characters – 18/20
Enjoyment – 40/45
Overall Score – 84.5/100


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