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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE – 37

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The episode we’ve been waiting for: going to the Vegan colonies and through the eyes of Kio, understanding the suffering caused by the failure of the Mars Colonization plan. Plus, the biggest surprise this episode was that Vegan military is making a Gundam themselves from data collected from AGE-3.

Not a lot to discuss for this episode, though there was some clarifications made. First of all, all of the Vegan losses so far were done on purpose to test the resolve of the earth people (at the expense of Zeheart’s credibility as a commander :P), and secondly Ezelcant only has six months to live, likely the result of the “Mars Outbreak”. So we have Kio meet two kids, the little sister also suffers from the mars outbreak and the older brother who has started to lose all hope whatsoever in finding a cure. I find it quite sad that the Vegans have such a bleak outlook on life but it’s completely understandable: they were abandoned, couldn’t leave and forced to suffer from the conditions of being on Mars. The whole place looks bleak and grim – not a tree in sight -, symbolizing the hopelessness of the Vegan citizens. I was wondering why Ezelcant was so lenient on Kio, thinking to myself “Oh wait, since when has AGE explained things clearly?” Well, turns out there’s a pretty big reason for the special treatment: Kio resembles Ezelcant’s deceased son. It’s nice to see an episode of AGE that really answered its questions instead of giving us more. This topic of right versus wrong is a powerful one especially in the Gundam franchise: usually you have a side to root for (Celestial Being in Gundam 00) or the lines start to get pretty blurry (Gundam Unicorn).

I’m glad that this episode was devoted to showing us the real face behind the vegans but at the same time I’m glad that Kio’s coming back, rescued by the right person this time. I think it’s obvious that Kio’s going to have a change of zeheart (lol pun) on the war but how that’ll emerge in the coming weeks is a mystery, unless you frequently visit AnimeSuki’s Gundam AGE spoilers thread like I have. But it’s good to see everything finally coming together and if the first two arcs had to be sacrificed in terms of quality to get us to where we are now, then I’m satisfied because AGE is finally showing promise now that our three generations of gundam pilots are all together at last. I’m excited to see the enemies acquire a real Gundam of their own, will Fram pilot it?

Score: 3/5



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