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Hyouka 11: HAPPY END (Unless Your Name is Irisu)

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You know I start to scare myself whenever I predict things that’ll happen the week after, cause those predictions are usually on the mark (my webkid diary can predict anime-related events). Oh Irisu, you fooled all of us.

So she did sweet-talk Houtarou into completely writing a different script. Hongou wasn’t sick, it was Irisu who crafted that story so no one would question her. Pretty genius, and it was even more genius how she was exposed. So she felt Hongou’s script was too boring, because she wanted to write a happy ending and have no one die. It all makes sense now, and it was well worth the other three episodes to get here. I’m impressed Hyouka, very impressed. But damn, Houtarou was pissed. The look in his eyes was terrifying and threatening but the empress showed no sense of fear at all, not even when he figured out her lies did she blink at all. Their tea talk was pretty intense, a nice touch by KyoAni to show the tea rattling as Houtarou gets even more pissed off. Irisu really is the empress: she gets what she wants and she’ll hide the evidence if someone (mainly Houtarou) comes around snooping.

I think the person that Irisu was messaging was Houtarou’s sister. The “half way around the world” comment, Houtarou’s sister traveling across the world and who else would recommend Houtarou’s amazing deductive skills to Irisu? I really hope we see his sister, I wonder if she’s had a hand in the other mysteries as well. It was really surreal to see Houtarou act out like this, usually he’s just Mr. Conserve Energy but like I said last episode: everyone wants praise for something and when we do, we tend to lose sight of everything else. The rope was an integral part of the film, and for leaving it out like that was not like Houtarou. Funny that conversation about the arcana came up again: Houtarou being the Strength, which people who are the strength tend to be controlled easily and that was a nice subtle way of getting the point across: nice one Satoshi.

I think a show like Hyouka should be watched rather than blogged for me. I really want to dive into these mysteries and put my poor brain to work, but at the same time it’s hard for me to balance doing that and blogging this show. So I’ll be dropping Hyouka, but not with the same negative attitude I had a week ago. See, I can make compromises 😀


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