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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 01


Kyuubey, you have competition…

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Summer is usually the weakest season for anime for a good reason: nothing stands out. We have imoutos, cute girls doing cute things, questionable fanservice and ‘original’ series. Yet Jinrui has already captivated me from the get-go: a social commentary (and lambasting) of the world as it is in real life and pure bizarre dark humour. “Hi, I’m a cute little bread! You don’t want to eat me? I’ll just rip myself up and spew blood all over!” I’ve had a (morbid) curiosity about drugs, but I think this show is enough of a fix for my lifetime.

Our main character is nameless, but we’ll go with Watashi. Watashi (Mai Nakahara) serves as a UN ambassador to bridge the differences between the dwindling human population and the growing number of highly intelligent fairies. Things look bleak for the humans but you wouldn’t know that because this show looks so damn colorful and pretty much like last season’s Tsuritama. Watashi deals with solving menial tasks, but one day she let the chickens out of the coop (quite literally) and had to sit and watch old people debate about what to do and came up with nothing. It’s a commentary on the sad state of affairs the world is stuck with: politicians who can’t deliver on their promises and are unaccountable, like the scene I just mentioned. Also another damning commentary comes from Watashi’s visit to the FairyCo company, with her is “Grandfather” (Unshou Ishizuka) and a young boy called “Assistant” who doesn’t speak. The first commentary is the false marketing: FairyCo implies that everyone working for the company is a fairy, but when the three stumble across an older man who says it’s just a marketing tactic. The next commentary is the scary reality that many “industry professionals” are clearly incompetent and greedy – the man says it’s been three days since he joined and he’s overseeing such a grand operation of activity. He admits he knows nothing about how it works but as long as “it gives me a roof over my head and free food, I’ll take it”. One last one, and the most disgusting is the creation of the “substance pressed into the shape of a sardine” and the artificial carrot bread. I’m enthralled that we have such a series that’s willing to take no prisoners on these issues and it does it with some really odd sense of humor.

Staff wise I’m surprised to see some decent, but not great staff on the show: director Seiji Kishi has a lot of ‘meh’ under his directorial credits: Angel Beats was okay, but he couldn’t do the drama well at all, he just finished up Persona 4’s adaptation which took no creative liberties and was the worst kind of adaptation. He does have some better ones: Carnival Phantasm was hilarious and Kamisama Dolls did a much better job with balancing drama and comedy than Angel Beats. Scriptwriter Makoto Uezu, this guy is always with Kishi: Also wrote Carnival Phantasm, Kamisama Dolls and Seto no Hanayome. He also worked on School Days…(I lol’d at his name being Makoto). Lots and lots of question marks with these two: they can either do a great job or something middling. Music composed by Kow Otani, a great composer for sure though he tends to work on…less than desirable series. Character designer Kyuuta Sakai has lots of credits with the most recent being Sankarea and he also designed Steins;Gate’s characters. And lastly, production by AIC ASTA – I’ve only seen Persona 4 from this studio and by far it had some of the worst derps I’ve seen in recent years. But still, this show by far is already doing everything right: awesome protagonist, great music and beautiful aesthetics. It’s only the first day of the summer series too..

Score: 4/5

  • Opening Theme: Real World (<–Perfect title for this show) by nano.RIPE – I love nano.RIPE’s songs and this is another great one. What the hell is with the dancing…? Looks painful.
  • Ending Theme: Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume by Masami Itou – A nice song, but the visuals are awesome. More of this please!

My monthly summary post will be full of important info! Be sure to check it out. Oh, and I’m blogging Jinrui.


2 thoughts on “Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 01

  1. This show has a unique feel to it, and I rather like how it’s willing to touch on so many different themes and concepts in just one episode. It’s interesting to note how bright, cheerful, and magical the world is despite the post-apocalyptic setting.

  2. I haven’t gotten the time to watch this but judging one what you’ve said (and from the images) it looks good and fun. I thought this was going to be some sleeper series but i guess I was wrong.

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