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Looking To the Future…

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I’m quitting blogging. No, just kidding but that’s a pretty ominous title to use huh? I am however contemplating a lot of changes both in my personal life (which I don’t want to divulge too much of) and here as well.

First things first, I’m going to be anticipating the second anime purchase I’ve ever made: seasons 1 and 2 of Natsume Yuujinchou are finally coming to America in October courtesy of NIS America, whom I hear does a wonderful job with packaging and the designs for their releases. I haven’t pre-ordered it yet because I entered the ANN contest to win a free set, so I’m waiting until I find out the results for that. I’ll post some pictures of the boxset when I get it, and that’s the first of a few changes here. That’s one of the things I may start doing.

I’m trying to cover more topics besides just episode blogging as I’ve been doing with the monthly in-depth corners. Quite honestly, and I don’t want to say this but it’s true, I’m getting slightly tired of doing episode posts. Mostly because my bad luck in picking shows that aren’t interesting and the ones that are started off awful. With school approaching now is the best time to slow down a bit (like -blacksheep has done) and I’ll still cover Dog Days, but it’ll be a lot more fluff – the highlight captions I did for Jinrui will be a staple for Dog Days (pretty much I’ll use Jinrui’s format for DD). So the three I’m covering are Dog Days, Jinrui and continuing with Gundam AGE. Now I’ve already made my first foray into the manga world as Eden no Ori (Cage of Eden) has greatly caught my eye. I’m considering blogging the manga I’ve read but I’m not sure how I’ll be doing that. Perhaps -blacksheep will recommend me some manga? šŸ™‚ Though I also have some manga that seem interesting to read.

The monthly in-depth corners will stay and I’ve already come up with this month’s topic. I find these much more rewarding even if they aren’t the most read posts and the monthly summaries will also stay (June’s is almost done, I just hate getting all of the pictures for these posts..). So, things here are winding down a bit, but it’s not quite a “goodbye cruel world!” post just yet. But whatever happens, happens.


One thought on “Looking To the Future…

  1. I have a small collection of anime titles – maybe about 15 or so. I try to buy something I really like, since I have some cash to spare and I figure it helps support the industry, if in some small way.

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