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Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai. – 01: Warning: Entering Enemy Territory

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I don’t mince words when I say I can’t stand shows with tons of blatant fanservice especially when most of those series have a male protagonist that is so damn unlikeable (To Love-Ru, Infinite Stratos, Kanokon..I could list a dozen more). So here comes a show who’s title translates as roughly: “That’s Why I Can’t Have Sex”, and yet I was pleasantly surprised at how the fanservice was handled and the main character, he’s an honest and unabashed pervert who is a bit likeable. Good job, feel? Never thought I’d do this but:


So we have the ‘typical teenage boy’ Ryousuke Kaga (Hiro Shimono) doing a lot of perverted things in the first few minutes of the series. He has a tendency to let his thoughts escape into words, which usually include “Man, she has huge tits”, “GraduatingĀ  from a D-cup to an F-cup” or “Wow, she’s hot but I feel sorry for her.” His childhood friend Mina (Kaori Ishihara) is who he says the huge tits comment to, and boy she does have a huge set of…assets. But she doesn’t seem to be a total ditz just yet, though at the end she started to slide into ‘huge tits, small brain’ category. After school, Ryosuke sees a girl standing in the rain and offers to fuck her to get a new set of clothes for her. But the thing is, she’s just not a typical girl she’s a shinigami! (cue Bleach music) Lisara Restall (Aya Endo) is a shinigami, came to this world to find a special someone but..yada yada exposition. So she tricks him by sweet-talking him into lowering his guard when she stabs him in the chest (takes backstabbing to a whole new level), weird monster comes and she transforms into some sort of mix of Shana + Shinigami. Her energy levels are low, things aren’t looking good but good ol’ Ryousuke goes and grabs her tits, which leads to him gaining ‘energy’ and that energy helps Risara defeat the monster. No, I didn’t just make any of that up except the Shana lookalike part.

I can understand why Japan favors things like this, I mean you can’t argue that they don’t try and be creative somehow: There’s another show right now about..microbes or something (Moyashimon), only that show is extremely boring while Boku H was kind of amusing, but yeah I’m probably not going to watch any more. Hey, I gave an ecchi show a try! (Wait, did Nazo no Kanojo X count then?)

And for all you pervs: SubDesu’s release is uncensored, as it comes from AT-X (the porn channel basically).

Score: 2.5/5


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