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Dog Days’ – 01: It’s All Fun and Games Until the Squirrels Come and Play

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It’s a good day when finally there’s one really great show – in fact today seems to be the day where all the better than average summer shows are airing: Sword Art Online was fabulous, Kokoro Connect kept me intrigued and now Dog Days is hopefully back to its roots: light hearted action, some fanservice and DAT SEIYUU CAST. No corny dragon sub-plot again, please!

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I don’t care much about how Shinku was able to come back to Flonyard, or how Nanami somehow got an invitation all the way across the world. But hey, that’s anime logic for you. It was nice seeing the cast back again, your typical tsundere Eclair, energetic Rico, the de-gozaru warriors, and of course the princess herself. Already this show goes back and starts off with a battle similar to season 1’s first battle and it was fun to see all the colorful characters back. Leo-sama, Gaul, the Genoise team (Kana Hanazawa <3) and everyone else from Galette were also sorely missed.  Dude’s got one of the biggest harems I’ve ever seen before, take advantage of that! Lots of fighting, lots of fun, and something for everyone to enjoy especially the fanservice.

Already Nanami wants in on the action, Leo-sama likes the sound of that and they go off kicking ass but dear ol Becky is still in shock from seeing everyone is basically a furry the whole entrance perhaps. This catches the eye of Pastilage and their leader, Kuberu (Aoi Yuki) who thinks its unfair that their country can’t have fun while Biscotti and Galette are having the time of their lives. Something about not enough war supplies was the reason for their lack of participation. The squirrel leader is planning something nuts brazen to try to take Becky and make her their own. And then the ending theme comes and spoils it for us…good job Seven Arcs I didn’t see that coming at all. Well, it’s good to finally see that Dog Days will probably stick to the light hearted action-y battles and hopefully not shoehorn that random bit of drama in the second half, otherwise I’d probably drop it. Seriously, just keep doing battles like these and I’ll be a happy blogger.

Score: 3.5/5

Opening Theme: FEARLESS HERO by Nana Mizuki (Not as good as Scarlet Knight, but the art looks prettier.)

Ending Theme: Natsu no Yakusoku by Yui Horie (Much, much better than the first ED. Cute and lovely art. Probably the best ED so far, not like there’s much so far anyways.)


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