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Now The Curtain Has Fallen *Mini Update*

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No news about season 5 + last scene from season 4 = final goodbye?

I’m taking a bit of a break from blogging. Sorry guys, it’s really starting to wear me out (I mean, look at my posts they’ve changed a bit). -blacksheep will continue on with Tari Tari and Kokoro Connect. I’ll be back, once my college schedule is finalized and I pace myself accordingly, so I’ll be back in August. Trust me, I too don’t like it when people leave and never come back without a trace.

**I may come back for final reviews of Summer series, If the time allows itself.

-blacksheep suggested that I add another reviewer to the mix, either covering my series or starting fresh. I agree, so send me an email ( with your username, a little bit about you and a blog post or writing sample for me to look at.


One thought on “Now The Curtain Has Fallen *Mini Update*

  1. I hope you can back soon. Have a fun time in college though! 🙂

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