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Sword Art Online – 03


I guess at some point, Kirito (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) doesn’t really want to be alone. He’s a solo player because he’s probably not good at dealing with people. I know the feeling. I don’t now how much more we’ll see Kirito like this but other than his ‘bad guy’ image in ep2, I guess that’s the end of it…

‘Bad guy’ Kirito isn’t his true self so I guess that’s why we see how nice Kirito really is in this episode but at the same time, we also see him continue to hide his true knowledge about the game from other people. First off, I was really surprise to see Kirito join a guild. Although I guess that just proves that he’s not entirely into being alone. Also the effect of loosing the entire guild members all at once made a huge impact to him. How much impact did it made? The Christmas Event practically showed just how much he wanted to protect everyone. It’s not about being a beater or whatever. He probably just wants to have real companions or whatever. Anyway, the reason he probably hid his real level (and strength) was probably because he wanted to fit in with everyone. That’s the best reason I can think of… or is there a better explanation for it?

I know how it feels adjusting to a new environment, getting used to people and such. Everyone practically knows that. When Kirito joined the guild, it was probably a difficult adjustment since everyone at the guild already knows (and personally knows) each other. It’s a difficult fit. I believe that he’s not entirely comfortable with them that he didn’t even had the guts to at least stop them from the dungeon exploration without their leader, Keita. After their death, it’s no surprise that he’s blaming himself for everything since he was the only one who survived. In fact, he was the only one strong enough to survive that trap. As each members die in front of him ending with Sachi’s (Hayami Saori) death, he hated himself. The rumor about the rare item on the Christmas Event became his hope of actually at least reviving Sachi to hear her thoughts about what happened. Although he’s not entirely attach to them, going back to being alone is definitely difficult. But at the same time, joining another guild might also be difficult for him because of the trauma. Whether Kirito decides to go emo over what happen or move on and find another guild, partner or whatever would be something I would definitely like to see. I’d like to see how Kirito will develop as a character, a player  and a survivor of the game.

On a final note, I’m really happy to see Klein (Hirata Hiroaki) again in this episode. He now have his own guild with probably his friends from real life. Their meet up at the Christmas Event showed that he’ll probably do anything for Kirito and I’m a bit disappointed that Kirito decided not to join Klein’s guild. Although it is understandable that Kirito didn’t join them (for now), I’m still hoping that he’ll come to his senses and actually join Klein and his friends.

score: 3.5/5


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8 thoughts on “Sword Art Online – 03

  1. He won’t. Don’t get your hopes up, even if Klein exudes amazing levels of Broness.

    On the other hand, joining Klein’s guild on the first day would have provided for amazing fanfic fuel.

  2. There will always be people who work better alone, whether that be software development or killing. Kirito seems to me to be that type. Add to that I believe his fear of losing people overrides any desire he may have of joining a group, particularly after losing everybody in that trap. I think he hid his level from them because he didn’t want them to “hero worship” him or look to him to be their leader. As long as he was providing advise and help he was fine – he didn’t want to deal with the responsibility that comes with being accountable for the lives of others.

    • ahh that could be it! Thanks for that. That could be the reason why he hid his level. He doesn’t want to take responsibility of the lives of others. It makes sense and probably fits Kirito’s character.

  3. A much better episode than last week’s. Definitely felt really sad for Kirito, losing Sachi and her friends. Even more sadder is the fact that they were all friends in real life.

    • I really feel sad that Kirito blames himself for losing the entire guild although it’s not really his fault. And the fact that the guild members were friends in real life was very depressing. Most especially for the guild’s leader’s part since he wasn’t there when they all got killed and if he ever finishes the game, going back to reality will just be more depressing. I don’t know if his suicide was a good decision or what but I don’t blame him for that decision..

  4. Kirito will always be the lone wolf. Well, at least until he sees Asuna again I guess 😀

    Anyways, not a bad episode…but it didn’t blow me away. The last two eps haven’t grabbed me like ep 1…hoping that’ll change with Ep 4.

    • and hopefully he sees her soon. It makes me wonder what’ll make him team up with her.

      Gotta agree to that. As of now, the last two episodes can’t top the 1st one and I highly doubt ep4 will do so… so, I’m just mostly hoping this anime won’t disappoint somewhere in the middle..

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