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Moving Towards New Horizons


Badass Natsume? Yeah, it’s possible.

Well I’m back and boy I have a lot to talk about because these three weeks were a time that I seriously considered my options now that college is almost starting for me. New features, new columns and yes another plea to join this small but quickly growing blog! Seriously, over 55,000 hits in a short time is really fantastic! Time to hit the continue button for some surprising announcements!

New columns

One of the first things I’ve decided is to be a little more diverse on this site. Now, don’t get me wrong I do enjoy reading episodic posts and sites that do them should be commended for taking the time each week and writing down what their thoughts are. But I feel that here, I want to be a little more diverse and the Monthly In-Depth Corner was a start to try out new things (I’m skipping June’s post and working on July’s as we speak). Starting now, there will be manga reviews from me and perhaps -blacksheep, as I’ve started my trek into the manga world with Cage of Eden: a pretty darn good read so far. On top of that, I’m announcing the following new columns:

-Oh Hey, It’s That Show!: Posts with the “Oh It’s” category are those that I feel need more love, or even more hate! Yes, it can be a plea to watch this poor, under-rated show or a chance to remind people that there’s truly evil in the world. The first Oh It’s post will be published very soon as it’s already finished.

-The Tops: Posts with the “The Tops” category are a collection of top lists, whether it’s the average “Top 10 Favorite Anime” list or even “Top 5 Characters With Ugly Faces”. These will be collected into its own page with the Monthly In-Depth Corners. They may be updated periodically if it’s a favorite anime or character’s lists. Working on a few of these right now.

-Rant Central: Whether it’s a scathing review of Another (who ended up being the first Rant Central post accidentally) or a criticism of anime characteristics, Rant Central is the place to see unfiltered and very sarcastic posts by me. Another was the first of many of these series. Angel Beats, you may just be next.

-What a Song!: These will be the most updated of the columns: Every week or so I’ll highlight a half dozen anime songs that I really enjoy and the series it accompanies and ask you the readers to post some really catchy beats!

Yet Another Site Design

Alright, I’m sure you’re all tired of these changes and yes If you didn’t know by now how much of a perfectionist I am with the site design, now you know. I’ve been tinkering with various themes and I do feel the latest one has a nice balance. I really will hold off from another change…promise! I do go through a lot of designs but I wanted one to show off that sexy header.

We’re Hiring!

I’ll be honest: no one applied last time. I probably shouldn’t admit that so candidly, but diversity doesn’t just apply to writing differently. It’s the person writing it that makes the difference. So head over to my About page with more information on applying here as a writer!

Fixes and Things to Do

The About section is still being worked on, but you can find a semi-updated version of it now live.

Reviews: My first post here was an Angel Beats review and that was when I had little blogging experience and when I graded things really easy so needless to say it’s my most embarrassingly weak post. A lot of these reviews will be re written.

Other things like keeping the Anime Review index constantly updated and the like.

What I’ll be doing

From now on, I’m done with episode posts. -blacksheep and hopefully the other new writers can take that up, but for me it’s just not cut out for me. My main priorities right now are the What a Song! columns, the manga reviews, anime final reviews and everything else stated above. School starts for me on August 27th, but luckily I somehow managed to take only three classes and still fulfill requirements! One is an online class, one is part online part on campus and the other is on campus entirely. I may just get a lucky break, but at the very least whenever I have free time I’ll be doing lots of fixes to the site and hopefully put out new posts.

Finally, I want to say thank you to my awfully shy readers! This month we’re approaching 12,000 views alone, which is currently the highest this blog has ever gotten! Our loyal commentators help in fostering some occasional discussion and even things me and -blacksheep weren’t aware of. So don’t be shy and talk a little! 56,000 hits is surprising to me but I know the bigger blogs easily have 4x that amount but I am glad that someone out there is reading this blog lol! Thanks a lot for checking out my site!


3 thoughts on “Moving Towards New Horizons

  1. Angel Beats, you may just be next.

    Heresy! So it’s not so!


  2. lol. I was actually thinking of doing something like that ‘What a Song’ column in my blog but I’ll only feature a 1song/music a week… I just listed a lot of stuff and all. lol. I’ll probably start mine a couple of weeks from now 😛

    btw, I like the new site layout :3 and hopefully someone would join and help. it’ll definitely be more fun and a lot easier… and I’m seriously thinking of only doing 2 shows next season(:

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