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What a Song! Week #1 – Robots, Contractors, Karuta and Rap


Welcome to “What a Song!”, a new column that every week or so I’ll highlight some anime songs like OP, ED or BGM that I really enjoy..something that makes me go “What a Song!” and the series it accompanies. There won’t be any spoilers of any sorts here! Now let’s go and put our headphones on, as 6 songs will be featured this week!

Sora no Shita no Soukanzu by Kanako Itou (Ending #2 of Robotics;Notes VN)

I’m sure everyone’s excited waiting for the Fall premiere of Robotics;Notes, which is the official sequel to the best show that’s ever existed the very popular and widely acclaimed spring 2011 series Steins;Gate. This song was playing in the background for the first preview of the anime and I noticed how calm and serene it is and immediately this song really stuck in my head. So to my surprise, the vocalist is none other than Kanako Itou! She sung the opening theme to both the Steins;Gate visual novel, Sky Clad Kansokusha and the anime’s Hacking to the Gate but her most famous song is Kanashimi no Mukou he to, famously heard in School Days during THAT scene. If you’ve seen School Days you know that awesome song that plays during that huge WTF moment. A lot of good choices for Fall but Robotics;Notes is at the top because my huge love for Steins;Gate and because I know it’ll have a hard climb to the top if it wants to surpass Steins;Gate. From a mad scientist to a…teenager that looks like Ouma Shu with red hair.Yikes, but I promise I won’t let my high expectations influence my judgment. Screw it I’m already past the point of no return and the new protagonist just seems generic, but he’s got a great seiyuu in Ryohei Kimura so it’s a mixed bag. If you got Guilty Crown vibes, it’s because Production I.G. is behind this series and because Robotics;Notes has been confirmed for two-cour, so I hope I.G. can redeem themselves after that abomination.

Time to Attack by Santa (rapper) and Taku Iwasaki (Preview music from Jormungand)

Yes, folks. It’s here, the Koko Loco song has finally surfaced! And damn, this song is just…glorious and I’m trying to comprehend the decision behind using an American rapper but hey this song is glorious so I’ll just forget that. I usually hate rap with a passion (along with country), but this is just the best rap I’ve heard ever. I’m starting a list of favorite soundtrack music from both anime and video game and this song definitely makes the list. I noticed the composer for Jormungand also did Ben-To and that soundtrack was just as intense. I’ll remember Taku Iwasaki since I’m thoroughly impressed with his efforts on Jormungand and Ben-To.

Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni by supercell/vocals by Nagi (Main theme song from Mahou Tsukai no Yoru VN)

I really have become a huge fan of supercell’s works, even if those songs come from…less than desirable series. This is a song sung by the vocalist nagi before she left supercell to go solo, recently performing the ending theme songs to Ano Natsu de Matteru and Jormungand. This is a really fast paced and upbeat song, which is weird as the song comes from a visual novel about magicians. I’ve been listening to supercell’s songs more often and most of them are sung by Nagi as the newer ones started during Guilty Crown’s run and I really prefer nagi’s vocals to the new girls. They sound fine, but something about Nagi sounds really smooth and I never notice any of her songs sound way too forced which is always a good thing. Now about the title this song is based on: Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is the latest visual novel from Type-Moon, creators of the Kara no Kyoukai series and the Fate/ series and takes place before both. It was originally a draft written by Kinoko Nasu that was discarded but fan reception pushed Type-Moon to turning it into a full fledged novel. After Fate/Zero, I really started to appreciate Type-Moon and have begun with the Kara no Kyoukai movies. As of now, my only experience with them besides F/Z was the Fate/stay night VN which I thought was really well done and I am looking forward to Mahou Tsukai when it gets an english translation.

Team Chihayafuru by Kousuke Yamashita (More upbeat version of Chihayafuru’s main theme)

If you need a good quick song to make you feel invigorated and refreshed, then the upbeat version of the main theme of the under-rated Chihayafuru anime will be just what you’ll be looking for. For those who stuck around and watched this series, listening to this song makes you feel both sad that the series ended and suddenly invigorated that the series got a second season! Yes, I’m just as shocked as everyone because the chances for a second season were literally around less than 1%: It had that ending that said “go read the manga” and usually that means no more seasons so hearing of a second season really brought a huge smile to my face. See, Madhouse you can do more of these types of shows and less like Highschool of the Dead.

Contractor by Yuki Kajiura (Main battle theme of Pandora Hearts)

When I think of battle music be it from anime or even video games, I can imagine it to be something like ‘Contractor’. Loud, epic, classy and enthralling are some of the words I get from listening to this song composed by the famous Yuki Kajiura. I’ve listed to her work on Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero and while she does a damn fine job there, I still feel that Pandora Hearts is her most unappreciated work to date. A very flawed anime series with a lot to like regardless of its flaws, I plan on checking out the manga quite soon.

Secret Base -Kimi ga Kureta Mono- Ten Years Later ver. by Menma, Anaru and Tsuruko (Ending theme to Ano Hana)

This song…this damn song. If anything, it’s this song that makes me look back on Ano Hana and it represents everything about the show in just 5 minutes. Sure the ending was overblown and cheesy, but everything else was quite solid and for an 11 episode series Ano Hana really delivered on the emotional front as we really did get to know the characters well. In a stark contrast to how Angel Beats ended, where I felt more like the comedy was the best thing about the show and the drama was really the weakest, I felt absolutely nothing towards the ending of Angel Beats except “Oh that’s a nice song they used.”.
Now, what are you guys listening to?


2 thoughts on “What a Song! Week #1 – Robots, Contractors, Karuta and Rap

  1. Taku Iwasaki’s done a lot of good work over the years and his earlier works from the Kenshin OVAs in particular have been stellar. I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings with regard to some of his newer fare. The rap can be a hit or miss, but when it’s set to something like “Libera Me from Hell” (Gurren Lagaan), it’s positively an epic experience.

    Glad to see that Chihayafuru also gets a mention. That is one awesome theme and the anime soundtrack was easily my favorite out of the stuff from 2011.

    • I do remember people praising his work for Gurren Lagann.

      Of course, Chihayafuru was an all around awesome and under-rated series. So glad it’s getting a well deserved season 2 and with it more awesome music!

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