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Thoughts on Summer: Hooray for Basketball

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Really, I’m trying to come up with something positive to say about this summer season of anime’s but nada. In fact, the whole “Oh, summer season is usually the weakest” just doesn’t ring true. Last summer, there was a ton of really great shows: Usagi Drop, Natsume season 3, iDOLM@STER heck even Hanasaku Iroha was better than these  new shows and that says a lot about how weak this new crop of shows are. Mind you, not all of them are bad but most are. Warning, snarky and/or trollish comments and/or pictures from me up ahead.

Sword Art Online


Alright, let’s just get this one out of the way first. I like it better than Accel World, but that doesn’t say much since AW desperately tried to be the new Guilty Crown with the same scriptwriter and same voice actor for Shu and Haru. But really, I don’t like how this show is structured. Side stories are tricky but they could have been handled much better than this. Apparently Kirito is this really cool dude who has feminine features and does cool things, but do I care? That scene in episode 4 when he held up his sword against Mitsuru Kirijo Rosalia would have been more badass had I’ve gotten to know him more than “Oh, this guy has a nice harem.” I’ll give this one a few more episodes before I decide what to do with it.

OP: *sigh* LiSA isn’t a really good singer, yes even in Angel Beats as Yui she wasn’t that good (like her version of Ichiban no Takaramono was meh while the version used on the last episode was fabulous)
ED: Now this, I like a lot. Very nice voice and very simple graphics.

Koi to Senkyo to Cum Chocolate


So it’s the type of show that ought to make me want to drop this but yet I keep coming back. I like the politics aspect and Shinonome’s proposal to help the financial aid students was pretty courageous considering how everyone treats the financial aid kids (whew I’d suffer just like Isara..). Still has the generic VN elements like it’s damn obvious Yuuki is going to be with the osananajimi, Chisato and those two girls with the lab outfits are annoying as hell. Still, it has potential to be..slightly above average I guess. But man, Yuuichi Nakamura is busy this season: voicing Yuuki here, Houtarou in Hyouka and Hazuki in Natsuyuki. Fabulous.

OP: Embraces the generic tendencies.
ED: This was boring.

Binbougami ga!

Hiro Shimono character = Usually for the better

Well, yet another series from the Gintama staff at Sunrise that is very reminiscent of last season’s Nyaruko-san and Winter’s Nichibros. This is the kind of comedy that revolves around LOTS AND LOTS OF SHOUTING so stay away if you’re not into that. I like how it handles the more serious aspects quite well, enough to care more about Momiji and Tittyko but not so much that it overtakes the comedy.

OP: Addicting song is addicting. Wait a guy sung this? Not sure if Sunrise trolling..
ED: Alright I guess.

Total Eclipse: Japonesu Dooru

I refuse to call it by its full name because it sounds so damn stupid. Showed some promise but good heavens the animation in this show, it’s so damn painful. I thought Persona 4’s animation was terrible, but Total Eclipse is much worse. I usually don’t care about stuff like CG use and things like that, but wow they really abuse the CG here and it just looks so awful and out of place. The one thing this show has done right was its portrayal of the BETA: those things are nasty as hell, I’d rather off myself than being eaten by a penis head monster with yellow teeth. That and Ono Daisuke’s engrish: “Ano JAPONESU DOORU~~”

OP: I swear, every time a show has an awesome OP song the show usually sucks hard. Total Eclipse is no exception. LOVE THIS SONG.

Tari Tari

See, this is why you’re in remedial classes..

Remember I mentioned Hanasaku Iroha in the first paragraph? Well, meet it’s younger yet more capable sister. So far, Tari Tari is doing a much better job with pacing than HanaIro probably because Tari Tari will only be half as long as HanaIro which was a very wise decision by P.A. Works. Characters aren’t as great, though. I want more of the guys! (as long as they aren’t bathing..) Seriously, introduce them as main characters and not using them is kind of stupid. Other girls are okay but it’s obvious where their personalities come from: Konatsu=Ohana, Wakana=Minko and Sawa=Nako Just saw episode 6, bravo P.A. Works you’re finally showing some actual storytelling after the disaster of Another and the takin’ it easy approach of HanaIro.

OP: Decent I guess.
ED: Episode 6…never forget.

Kokoro Connect

Trollseed be trollin’.

Has a lot to like and equally not like. The good? Well the body swapping actually has some substance by exploring our main character’s personalities rather than stupid “Oh derp I touched ur boobz” and actually the fifth episode was a total troll but it was executed damn well. The bad? Everything else. The main characters range from non-existent (Aoki), Shirou Emiya wannabe (Taichi) to just meh. The animation is pretty bad too, and I’m surprised no one really notices it. Guess two financial flops (C3, Dusk Maiden) one after the other must have turned Silver Link’s usually SHAFT-y animation into plain derpy mush.

OP: I don’t get why everyone likes this song.. *finds out its eufonius* Oh the Clannad fanboys…
ED: The song itself is fine but I like how it leads out of the episode and into the preview

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Lost a lot of its charm after episode 4, but it stands above the weak summer series despite that. Knows how to effectively manage its time, main character is a scene stealer and the things this show goes after are just priceless. Still, it’s trying to do a lot in a short amount of time and I don’t feel that really works here.

OP: After Kill Me Baby’s OP and ED theme, there’s been a trend in funky Indian dancers.
ED: Trippy as fuck.

Dog Days S2

As long as this show doesn’t go serious like what happened in season 1 with that shitty dragon subplot I really don’t care what it does. Yes, even if episode 4 was full of fanservice of the annoying kind, I still don’t care just as long as the humor and the lightheartedness stays.

OP: Not as good as Scarlet Knight.
ED: Better than season 1’s ED.

Natsuyuki Rendevous

Yuuichi Nakamura loves his apathetic characters, doesn’t he?

If there’s any show that deserves praise it’s Natsuyuki. Sure the ghost element dissolves any notion that this will be a completely realistic portrayal of a classic love triangle, but the staff really knows how to approach the whole “My husband’s dead and still haunts me” situation.

OP: Hey, it’s the guy who sang that famous Durarara ED! Probably the best OP of the series, and from a show that DOESN’T suck!
ED: I’m in love with this singer. Really, I watched an entire episode of Bleach just to hear this artist sing that’s how talented she is.

Spring (and Gundam AGE) are still better than Summer but not by much:

Eureka Seven: AO

If she’s back, then that means…*shudder*

I was dreading the day (or episode) that BONES decided to please the fanbase and bring back the boring girl and eventually the brown haired brat who needs to suffer pain from every Yandere in anime history + Ladd Russo from Baccano. Oh well, I lasted this long I might as well finish what I started (see: Gundam AGE) despite my disappointment in BONES for caving into the fanboys. Well things have gotten interesting with Naru, Truth and that Japanese dude who’s name I could care less about. Really like how Elena’s been getting more attention. But still, the second Renton shows his annoying tendencies I’m dropping this. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character as much as I’ve hated Renton. Congrats, punk?

OP 2: JIBUN WOOO~~Wait, right band but wrong series…
ED 2: What is this I don’t even.


This show has the tendency to annoy me constantly and then give me something to look forward to almost at the same time. Thankfully the “Why didn’t she ask EBA?” arc is behind us cause that was just mind numbingly awful and awkward at the same time. The Kanya festival arc has more than made up for it, some really much deserved focus on Mayaka and even Satoshi and yes FINALLY Houtarou “Kininari-blocked” Chitanda from saying her infamous line. Props.

OP 2: Last three seconds are full of win.
ED 2: I equally enjoy both the new ED and the old one.

Kuroko no Basuke

Nothing more needs to be said.

Seriously a show about basketball remains one of the best out of all of these shows. How sad is that? But it’s a basketball show with a lot of nice animation with the usual dips here and there, very energizing music and lots of characters to get attached with. I’m really loving how much this show has improved, it really has found its footing and also..pretty much a given there’ll be a season 2. The manga is now nearing the readership of behemoths like Bleach and the anime has sold more than Hyouka (~12,000 versus ~9,500). Really, at the very least this show’s season 2 will premiere in Winter (funny, given the next major arc is aptly titled “Winter Cup”) and I’ll be looking forward for more. Anyone who’s seen Persona 4: doesn’t Kuroko remind you of Narukami? Deadpan protagonists unite!

OP 2: Slightly less awesome as the first opening
ED 2: Better than the first ending. JAPANESE LUNCH TIME RUSH.

Gundam AGE

My new MAL profile and forum avatar pic.

Excluding AGE would put the continuing series way ahead of the new ones in terms of quality which says a lot about how disappointing AGE has been. I won’t say the haters are right necessarily, because AGE shares some flaws with the original Mobile Suit Gundam namely “Oh hi! I got introduced this episode, looks like I’m dead next episode!” and lots of inconsistent character behavior. But the original MSG had Char and he was badass despite the show’s many many flaws, Gundam AGE had a couple of mini-Chars like Grodek and Woolf but alas, they bit the bucket. I’m about ready to be done with AGE and Kio’s annoying pacifist tendencies and his annoying character. i am interested in how Zeheart and Fram will survive or not because they’re probably the most interesting characters so far. Mainly interested in Fram due to the above image: nothing says ‘fuck you’, killing a traitorous coward with your mahou shoujo stick like Fram Nara.


Dropped: Total Eclipse, that show with the JAPONESU DOORU~
May Drop: Dog Days 2, Eureka Seven: AO
Keep: Everything else

Very disappointed with this season. Only #1 and #2 I’m confident in ranking, the rest are purely ranked on the amounts of suckage it has compared to the next guy. Meanwhile more Fall series are being announced and boy there’s a lot to choose from as opposed to Summer. What are you readers watching and what did you or going to drop?


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