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Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland – I’m Proud of You, Sunrise


I support such a worthy cause.

So before I started watching this, I heard nothing but negative comments the main one being that this is mainly a picture drama: hardly any animation, almost visual novel-esque. That didn’t stop me from watching and boy that was the most entertaining 28 minutes of my life and it’s good to see Sunrise making fun of itself, like the above picture. Plus, watching this was nothing but a nostalgia trip for me: what was once my all time favorite series, how over the top and bombastic it was, and yet of all the series I’ve seen it’s Code Geass that I’ll vividly remember the most.

Warning: lots of pics, my final thoughts are below the massive pic spam(over 20 pictures) and spoilers of course.

First of all, this is roughly 80% still images and 20% actual animation so if you were expecting the following:

-Lovely animation
-Sequel to R2
-What happened to Lelouch

Then you can stop right there because Nunnally in Wonderland is none of the above. In fact, this is more of a “Hey guys, we’re still alive” sort of small project, and the nostalgia levels were off the charts here as it’s been more then a couple years since Code Geass R2. Fret not, as the side story OVA “Akito the Exiled” is currently airing which ought to satisfy the fanbase for a little while, until something new comes up. More or less, it’s a very interesting take on the classic Alice in Wonderland story that most of you guys probably know about. True that’s what this OVA was on the surface but in reality this was more of a tongue-in-cheek self parody of all the series’ weirder moments. Let the pictures explain..(final thoughts below the pic spam)

White Rabbit dressed in Arabian-style clothing….

The world really opens up once you retain your eyesight, huh Nunnally?

LOL SAYOKO, I was expecting Orange-kun for this role.

Every at Sunrise was stoned while making this, obviously.

I shouldn’t have laughed at that…lol.

Table-kun returns…

..crazy as ever.

Table-kun, what’s that behind you?

Best character appears.

This is where the budget for this OVA went.

Crazy 101 Instructor: Einstein, Nina

Why couldn’t she stay dead?

Yeah, my eyes aren’t where they should be…

Wouldn’t be Code Geass without the lolis.

Subtle jabs at Li Xenke’s health problems, Sunrise?

More jabs at Orange-kun’s status as a research experiment.

I’m not hungry anymore..

Rolo Lamperouge: infatuating fangirls since 2009.

Such a play on words.


Family Faceoff: Britannia Edition.

Rolo, Schneizel and Kanon make up the Fujoshi Triumvirate.

Everyone gets a second chance..

It’s time for an all out attack!


The White Knight makes a FABULOUS entrance.

Sorry Gino, you stand no chance against Spinzaku.

Only real men have tea parties. Problem, Emperor?

More like a Looking Back at Code Geass review:

Honestly, I enjoyed a 28 minute picture drama more than probably every Summer series so far. Part of it stems from the nostalgia factor, and being the huge Geass fan that I am, I was surprised I didn’t hear of this OVA until a few weeks ago. Luckily if I had heard about this earlier, I would probably have the highest expectations I’ve ever given to a series because it was Code Geass that really started getting me into watching anime on a season-by-season basis. Flawed it is, but no one can argue how ridiculous, bombastic and energetic this series can be and I say with confidence that Code Geass really is pure, fun entertainment with something for everyone to like. Lelouch is truly a stand out character, and for those who seen Death Note (and make the many comparisons between both shows) it’s a fascinating character study of these two like-minded people but with completely different end goals. As of now, I’ve been pretty critical on some series and likewise I know many who despise Code Geass to the core but that’s really what makes anime so fun: there’s something for everyone to enjoy and the discussions that arise when people don’t see eye to eye are always a treat.

Anyways back to the OVA, I felt that this was probably the right time to bring up something like this OVA to remind us of the 50 episode spectacle that was Code Geass, not too early and definitely not after the fact. At a time when 11-13 episode series were the norm, shows like Code Geass took real big risks (and executive meddling) and delivered spectacularly. This OVA serves a much bigger purpose than a short retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story, but at the same time in 28 minutes there was a lot to like and definitely everyone had a scene (with or without speaking). Watching this makes me want to relive the whole journey all over again, and I figure now would likely be the best time. Honestly, subbed or dubbed makes no difference: this show transcends those sub vs. dub debates, earning a spot in the dub hater’s list of tolerated dubs next to Baccano! and Cowboy Bebop.

All in all, this was a short yet sweet special that reminded me of the good ol’ days of anime. How I feel so old now…

Animation – 5/10: I’m being nice here.
Story – 9/15: Could have done without the Alice in Wonderland setting and still kept the parodies.
Sound – 8/10: Nothing to complain about.
Characters – 16/20: Still as awesomely fun to watch as before.
Enjoyment – 41/45: A very nostalgic feeling for many of us, but on its own merits this OVA employs some nice self-humor and creative artistry. Any Geass fan should definitely watch this and soak in the nostalgia.
Score – 79/100



3 thoughts on “Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland – I’m Proud of You, Sunrise

  1. “First of all, this is roughly 80% still images and 20% actual animation so if you were expecting the following:

    -Lovely animation
    -Sequel to R2
    -What happened to Lelouch

    Then you can stop right there because Nunnally in Wonderland is none of the above.”

    I still expected to come in and have fun with it ’cause I heard some people enjoyed it. I only lasted 9 minutes. I could not finish it. I want to forget its existence. Your picture spam works so much better for me, cause that’s all I need to see.

    • Really? Were you a big fan of Geass, for me it’s more personal as stated above Geass helped me start watching anime on a seasonal basis. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the more hardcore Geass fan will eat this up. I miss this show, literally I feel like dropping every current anime in favor of some old ones cause these new ones are just boring, same old same old and not creative at all.

      • I watched both seasons of Geass, and it has been a while since watching it (It aired on Adult Swim many moons ago; I also resorted to subs to catch up ’cause I got impatient). I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan though.

        Haha, it feels that way? I think it’s because it’s summer time. That’s usually the time where shows really suck. Well, if you want to drop a show, it’s completely up to you man. If you say it’s boring and same old, then that’s how you feel. Just because others enjoy it doesn’t mean you have to.

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