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Kokoro Connect – 05


This episode seemed a lot better than I expected it to be. We finally see another appearance by Heartseed and I understand now why some people out there calls him a troll. LOL.

As expected, it all boils down to Nagase’s personality problems. She tried to act as Inaba in front of Taichi trying to find out his real feelings for her but probably her real intention is to see if Taichi can actually notice that she really is Nagase. Honestly speaking, I don’t blame Taichi for getting the wrong idea and I don’t blame Nagase’s multi-personality as well. BUT it still is Nagase’s fault for acting and telling Taichi that she’s Inaba since everyone’s mind about the swapping business will just accept the name that’s told to them. This thing ends up in trusting each other, in my opinion. Taichi neglecting to realize that she’s Nagase isn’t his fault… and for the record Nagase shouldn’t have been upset of not being realized… (~and I’m sorry if I sounded like I’m hating Nagase’s character. No, I don’t really hate her or anything)

What I’d like to talk about next is the short talk Nagase and Taichi had at the bridge – Nagase changing her personality depending on the person and on the situation. The thing is, I don’t know if it’s just me or what but most of us probably does the same thing. Personally, the way I act depends on the who’s in front of me. If I’m close to the person, I’d act carefree not entirely thinking about things; and when I’m with a person I just met or just an acquaintance, I’d be more quiet and careful with all the things I’d say. Of course, I wouldn’t go to the lengths of pleasing someone, that’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. But probably most people change personality to be able to adjust to the people in front of them and that’s pretty normal…

Finally, let me go through Heartseed’s trolling. LOL. Of course when I saw the preview in the last episode, I was seriously surprised but at the same time, I’m pretty positive that Nagase won’t die. In a first glance on this series, despite how dark it may seem, it doesn’t look like a series that will have someone dying. Probably I’ll be wrong sooner when someone dies at the middle of the series but I’m still positive at the fact that there won’t be anyone dying. And besides, Heartseed as already said that he doesn’t want something like that. Now when Heartseed told Inaba, Taichi, Yui and Aoki that someone has to die, I was surprised of the idea. It’s pretty expected that Taichi would volunteer himself being a ‘selfless freak’ and finally being able to confess to Nagase but of course, who’d agree to be alive but live someone else’s life? I personally wouldn’t want that.

In an overall look on this episode, I’d say that it had been a pretty interesting one. Despite how Kokoro Connect seem a little bit predictable for me, I’m still enjoying this series. AND I’m liking both Inaba and Taichi even more each episode :3 Now since the body swap was MIA while Nagase recovers, everyone thinks (except Inaba) that it’s all over but I’m pretty sure that all of us is think that more things will definitely come and I’m pretty excited to see what’ll happen next.

~posts will be more delayed that before because the weather here is seriously depressing. Oh look we’re on BBC News T_T I’m used to flood but this is just going overboard… I’m getting scared already.


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2 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect – 05

  1. hey, stay dry, dude!

    yeah, Nagase was in the wrong for pretending to be Inaba in front of Taichi, but I don’t hold it against her either. The teen years are all about shaking out communication and trust issues and we all make enough mistakes along those lines without the added pressures this group is dealing with.

    As for Heartseed, he needs to be strung up from the nearest strong tree (assuming his body, if he even has one, lends itself to that sort of execution).

    At this point, I can’t even imagine the type of bond these five must be developing. I have no frame of reference. It must be similar to the type of bond veteran soldiers develop.

    • thanks(:

      yeah, I guess teenage years is all about that. and we’ll probably see more of these issues throughout the series. and what bond does veteran soldiers have? O.O must be something really deep…

      now that you mention it, I just started thinking whether Heartseed even has a body or not…

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