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Sword Art Online – 05


Sword Art Online doesn’t seem to be all that for me right now. Sure it’s definitely a pretty good series with some very beautiful animation and such but at the end, it doesn’t really have that much impact to me… Well I’m not saying that I’m not enjoying this or what…

The usual thing happens in an another episode of Sword Art Online, it opens in a scene with so much time skip that we don’t event know what happened in between it. I’m honestly getting annoyed with it. Last time we skipped so much time that last time we know Kirito was level 40 or something then he becomes level 70+ now, we Asuna here becoming someone so famous; I don’t even know if she’s stronger than Kirito or what (but I do hope that she isn’t. LOL. I gotta be honest, I like them both :P).

Anyway, this time around we had a case of a fight between former members of the guild ‘Golden Apple’. Last episode, we were introduced to the idea that a player can kill another player. I know it’s a pretty stupid idea for someone to do it given that there’s an idea that death in the game may mean death in real life. Whether you believe it or not, it’s not really a good idea try it (if you’re sane, that is). ANYWAY, this time around we’re introduced to the idea that players can be killed in safe zones such a towns. I was pretty surprised by the idea but I guess it’s a pretty good additional to the mix. Now Asuna and Kirito finds a dead player in the town (I’ll skip all those details because I’m assuming you – readers – have seen the episode) and they’ll look for the guy who killed Kains, a former member of Golden Apple.

After hearing the issue around this guild, I’ll have to admit that it’s something to be expected in an MMO. The death of their leader due to that rare item and being done by a guild member seems to be a pretty believable idea. Now, with those 3 members who voted not to sell the item, I don’t know if any of them killer her or what but I’m pretty interested to know… and as Schmidt had said, why is this so-called revenge happening 6months later? Does this Grimrock guy need some time to power up? OR is Yoruko’s idea about Griselda’s ghost killing Kains true? BUT I doubt it, if she’s dead, that’s it. There couldn’t be any ghost mode here or what. I bet it’s either she’s alive and taking revenge (or whatever) or Grimrock is actually doing the revenge.

Anyway, in an overall look on this episode, I’m pretty glad to see Asuna back and stronger than ever :3 As of now, Sword Art Online seems to be getting a little bit less outstanding and little more mainstream-style (in my opinion, though). OR maybe that’s a wrong statement, but the point is, I personally think that it’s not really living up to the expectations.

score: 2.5/5

Author: czai

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3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online – 05

  1. “it doesn’t really have that much impact to me” “seems to be getting a little bit less outstanding and little more mainstream-style”

    I kind of agree, except I don’t totally mind it now, since I keep hearing this is another side story (why the SAO staff is doing this, I can only hope we find out soon), but it hasn’t been quite so bad. This episode, however, basically was masquerading as a harem episode, with all the shots of Asuna and that girl who only lasted one episode (geez, we can’t care for the characters can we) being particularly evocative at certain points. It’s not that I don’t mind those types of scenes, but they were really upfront with it.

    • I also read somewhere that this is a side story. I bet all they’re doing is build up Kirito’s harem… it’s a sad thought. anyway, honestly speaking, I never really cared about Yoruko – good thing I didn’t. haha. and on the look of things, SAO is probably just one of those adventure anime that builds up a harem and show off the girls.

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