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What a Song! Week #3 – Gundam Music Appreciation

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I think it’s an undeniable fact that every Gundam anime comes with a glorious, almost sophisticated soundtrack. No matter how badestiny it is, it is probably a requirement as well. Thus, this is an appreciation post is in order. I highly recommend listening to these listed tracks (I checked, they’re all on youtube), explaining them is just half the experience when dealing with Gundam music. Ready for some Gundam?

Gundam SEED/Destiny songs:

Tachiagare! Ikari yo (Rise, Anger!) by Toshihiko Sakashi (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
It has elements of a national anthem, a love song and countless other fabulous things melded together to form one amazingly beautiful song.

Countdown by Toshihiko Sakashi (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED OST #3)
In every sense of the word, it has a “countdown to destruction” vibe and that’s exactly what it is. Used on the final episode of Gundam SEED for the final battle.

Hajimari ga Yue by Toshihiko Sakashi (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED OST #4)
Seriously, Destiny was a pile of shit. But it had one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in my lifetime, anime or non-anime. This was just one of the many awesome tracks of Destiny.

Kuroi Hadou by Toshihiko Sakashi (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED OST #4)
The general theme in Seed and Seed Destiny’s music is ‘Make it as loud as possible’, rarely will you find a soft or slow track. And I’m quite fine with the soundtrack sounding like this.

Gundam 00 Songs:

Trans Am Raiser by Kenji Kawai (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 OST #4)
One of my all time favorite pieces of music. Just dripping with fabulous.

Fight by Kenji Kawai (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 OST #2)
In line with the Gundam philosophy of “Make it big, and make it huge”.

Counterattack by Kenji Kawai (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 OST)
Seriously, I can’t even remember how many times this specific song was used in this series but every single time it was used, it usually singled someone’s ass getting handed to them. Usually the federation.

Union by Kenji Kawai (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 OST)
So this is the guy who composed Fate/stay night’s soundtrack..yeah I hear the similarities even though F/SN was slightly more remixed of the original VN.

Gundam AGE Songs:

Hyakunen no Monogatari (Hundred Year Story) by Kei Yoshikawa (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE OST Vol. 1)
Gotta start with the very first track, and definitely the best one at that. What I appreciate is the fact that because this series contains four arcs, that also means four very long soundtracks! I believe the final number of tracks will likely be around 90-100, and I’m probably going to import all four CDs. Honestly, folks, AGE keeps the tradition of great Gundam music flowing.

Unmei no Saki he (To Fate’s Destination) by Kei Yoshikawa (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE OST Vol.2)
I think this song sums up my feelings of AGE’s second arc: glorious yet flawed. Honestly, this music was played at the right time (episode 26) and the impact it had was just…freaking unbelievable. My all time favorite scene in AGE was in that episode with Unmei no Saki he playing in the background.

Kakusei (Revolution) by Kei Yoshikawa (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Original Soundtrack Volume #3)
….This is “Next episode on..” music. Seriously I think it’s a mandatory requirement that every Gundam OST has to have loud, glorious music. I think the music is what keeps me coming back for Gundam series, no matter how awful they may be. One of my favorite tracks on volume 3.

Hametsu no Kaze (Winds of Destruction) by Kei Yoshikawa (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Original Soundtrack Volume #3)
Another fight music that I really enjoy. Something simple, but it’s usually the most simple of songs that ends up being the best.

*I was going to post Unicorn music, but I seriously have forgotten everything about it. I’m going to wait until all the episodes are out and then rewatch it. Epic release schedule fail, Sunrise.

Any Gundam music you want to share? Post! Trust me, there’s just too many good ones to post and the above list does not even include OPs, EDs or insert songs. Bow down to the awesome power of Gundam music.


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