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My Plans for Fall

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This season, I won’t be making a preview. College has reared its ugly head, making anything blog-related a complete nonstarter. But I will talk somewhat about fall, and what I plan on doing.
Key: Red=watching, Italics=Will try, Blue=Surprise

Monday series:
Kamisama Hajimemashita/Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun/Sakurasou na Pet no Kanojo/Girls und Panzer

Monday’s are really never a good day for anime (more on that for Wednesday [!] premieres), but this season we’re getting a bunch of shoujo anime and the first two are here. Looking at Kamisama, I get a distinct Inu x Boku SS vibe: Hot guy with white hair + assertive female but while InuBoku was clearly split between manservice and fanservice, Kamisama is much of the former and hardly any of the latter. Nothing from the website or the preview suggests I’ll be interested in it. Next, we have Sakurasou with a premise that sounds pretty sexist: unlucky doofus MC finds himself a ‘pet’ – a girl with no memory of who she is. What surprised me is that both the director and scriptwriter for this are both females. Still, watching the preview didn’t really feel completely sexist but there’s always that possiblity and for a J.C.Staff series, it’s got pretty good animation. What’s putting me off is the choice of seiyuu for the male protagonist, Sorata: he shares the same seiyuu (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) as Kirito from Sword Art Online, a show I’d like to forget exists and watching the preview I honestly thought they took a clip of Kirito talking and placed it haphazardly on Sorata. My urge to break my monitor with my bare fists was strong, but luckily no damage had occurred. Still, I’d like to try this one out mainly due to the folks working on the series but I can’t un-hear Kirito in this role and that makes watching Sakura-sou tough to handle. Girls und Panzer is just moe pandering trash, I’m sorry, and the director needs to be working on that season three of Ookiku Furikabutte and not doing more crap after he already stunk up Another. Which leads me to my first solid pick of the season: Tonari. Tonari is another shoujo anime adaptation, but a couple things really stood out: first the animation studio is Brain’s Base, and their series are usually at least a 7.5/10 in terms of overall quality, and my top two series of all time are Brains Base produced series thus I expect the same high quality standard and effort for Tonari and the second is the preview they released. Wow, for a shoujo anime, that was a kind of preview I’d expect to see in a parody anime: something about the wild west, Haruka Tomatsu’s horrible engrish and talk of superheroes never felt more enjoyable. Hopefully that preview wasn’t just an outlier, because I have high hopes for Tonari.

Tuesday series:
Jormungand: Perfect Order, Gyrozetter

Ahh Tuesdays, I like how you’re not filled with anime, because Tuesdays (along with Mondays and Thursdays) are school days for me. But still, that doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing worth watching here either. First off we have the sequel to spring’s Jormungand, a show that did a lot of building up while giving us tons and tons of violence, of the messy and sticky kind. The real fun starts after a member of Team Koko is actually a spy, so I’ve heard. Here’s the awesome thing though: the manga already ended, which means we’re getting a complete adaptation here! No more talk of “read the manga to find out what happened” (at least in this case). Next, we have Gyrozetter: a show about…robots (no, not Robotics;Notes). While it looks pretty childish, I’ve learn from watching Gundam AGE that childish art can actually hide some very interesting plot developments. What strikes me is the huge list of talented staff behind this: Gintama’s Shinji Takamatsu is directing, Eureka Seven scriptwriter Dai Sato is contributing scripts, Eureka Seven composer Naoki Sato is providing music and Macross creator Shoji Kawamori is designing the mechs: some very big names for a show like this. I’m interested in seeing how this one will play out but as I’ve said above: Tuesdays are best when there’s nothing airing, but hopefully Gyrozetter can prove to be quite the watch.

Wednesday series: !!!!
Hayate no Gotoku: Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, Chuunibyou demo, Koi ga Shitai!

Yes, there’s a reason Wednesdays are !!!!. For the longest times, nothing has ever aired on a Wednesday but lately that has been changing and this season has brought two of the biggest series to a deserted day in anime. The first is the new Hayate no Gotoku anime, which if you haven’t heard is NOT a third season but a new story with input from the creator Kenjiro Hata. My jaw dropped at the new announcement, then I proceeded to put my jaw back to normal when it wasn’t going to be a season three AND the studio will be Manglobe. I usually love Manglobe anime (Michiko and Hatchin was awesome, I’m watching Kami Nomi and that’s good too) but good lord, they were behind that godawful Hayate movie, it ranks with the Gundam 00 movie in terms of pure godawfulness. None of the good qualities of the first two seasons were present: Hardly any Hina, way too serious atmosphere and there was no Wakamoto as the narrator. That’s blasphemy, and I’m shocked to learn that some of the same staff is back except the director is now Masashi Kudo: character designer for….Bleach. Yes, THAT 366 episode anime titled Bleach. So why am I still considering watching this? If the show keeps the same comedic tone and brings back Wakamoto, then I’ll give this show a fighting chance but as it stands…I’m very disappointed in the drop in quality this franchise has received: the new character designs have only made Hayate look even weirder. That key visual of him and Nagi…he has this “I’m gonna rape you Nagi” face and that is clearly not the kind of person he is, blame it on the Bleach character designer. Anyways, rage is mostly settled for the next Wednesday premiere: another KyoAni adaptation, with a look at the “Chuunibyou” or “middle school delusions” of the main cast as they enter high school. I wasn’t planning on giving this one a shot, but seeing as how impressed I’ve been with KyoAni’s work on Hyouka, I’m giving this one a free pass into “will watch” territory. As expected, the trailers show off the wonderful production values of KyoAni.

Thursday series:
BTOOOM!, [K], Robotics;Notes, Psycho Pass, Zetsuen no Tempest

As always, Thursdays for whatever reason are when most anime air but this season the series are being spread out across all seven days, which is surprising. Heck, spring had around 9-10 Thursday shows and Summer close behind with 6-7. The one competitor to the crown of “Best in Animation” against KyoAni’s Chuunibyou, has to be without a doubt [K]. It screams reverse harem, with one female MC and the rest a variety of bishounens close to her. But the trailers have shown some impressive if not outright fantastic animation, but other than that there’s been hardly any info on this show. It’s great marketing at its finest: reveal as little info as possible and build hype with impressive looking trailers, much like a Hollywood film. Already confirmed for thirteen episodes, [K] may just be the biggest surprise. The other much talked about series would have to be the noitaminA anime Robotics;Notes, the sequel to Steins;Gate. Stop right there: sequel to……Steins;Gate??! That sounds amazing (indeed the previews have shown the divergence meter and the timeline of R;N takes place in the true end of S;G), but those same trailers have really made my high expectations question whether this will even be near the fabulousness of Steins;Gate. The main character: he looks like a red haired Ouma Shu, already that’s a warning flag but honestly no one comes close to Hououin Kyouma, especially not some Ouma Shu clone. Flag #2: 22 episodes and animated by Production I.G., where have I seen a show like that before? Yeah, Production I.G., you’re treading on thin ice: how you’re able to have yet another twenty two episode shot AND animate the other noitaminA series, Psycho Pass is beyond me but this gives you two chances to make up for that un-named disaster. Plus the OP and ED of Robotics;Notes features no Kanako Itou, and that leaves me in despair 😦 . Speaking of despair, do you miss the fantastically depressing writing of Gen Urobuchi? Fear not, because Psycho Pass is that Urobutcher fix you’ve been waiting for. The series’ title is a pun on “Psychopath”, and the main character wields a gun which measures the ‘criminality’ of the person being pointed at: if the level is high, “appropriate measures will be taken” and if it’s low, then the gun won’t fire. Yep, that’s Urobuchi for you: questioning morals and ethics by predetermining criminal behavior by pointing a gun at someone. Original character designs are from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! creator Akira Amano, a very strange choice but her art is very awesome for a shounen…her writing is just as predictable and lazy though as any shounen series. Luckily the wonderful art is supplemented by a fabulous writer in Urobuchi and that makes Psycho Pass a must watch. Another one I’m looking forward to is BTOOOM, where the main character is a NEET but finds himself trapped in a dangerous game of cat an mouse: the preview looks really well animated, the opening song is already catchy and being a Madhouse project it’ll look really good visually. That leaves poor Zetsuen no Tempest: it honestly looks dull and for the umpteenth time it’s a BONES series with lots of pretty boys. Oh, something about Mari Okada being the scriptwriter too..actually her and fellow Hanasaku Iroha director Ando are both working on this. Still, it looks really generic compared to the awesome animation of [K], the Guilty Crown factor of Robotics;Notes and the overall awesomeness of Psycho Pass.

Friday premieres:
Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne’

Okay, I don’t like how [K] is an annoying title to search for but the other option to have an obnoxiously long title is not a viable solution either. OniAi is your basic harem setup, only the protagonist’s sister is actually his sister…yikes. The only reason I’ll be watching this if anything is because of Silver Link’s animation: for whatever reason their SHAFT-style was not present in Kokoro Connect (when it should have), but OniAi looks to have that same SHAFT feel if the previews are any indication. Still, this one isn’t really high on my list.

Saturday premieres:
Code: Breaker, Little Busters!

I stopped reading the info for Little Busters when it read “Visual novel by Key”. Seriously, I just cannot bring myself to like anything from Key: do all of their works have to be filled with forced and awkward melodrama? Just no, I hope this show fails if only because I’m so tired of people throwing a 10/10 score for series that have obvious flaws (Angel Beats) and disregard them because “O SO DEEP, MY FEEEELS”.  Next! Code: Breaker has a very similar feel to Death Note and Code Geass (heh, “Code”), they all have main characters who aren’t protagonists and I always love it when the main character isn’t necessarily a good guy. Plus the director of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is directing, which is a good thing as long as this show doesn’t shoehorn romance like Brotherhood did on the last episode.

Sunday premieres:
Suki-tte Iinayo, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Sunday there is only two notable premieres: the first is yet another shoujo adaptation, Suki tte Iinayo (Say you love me): unlike Tonari which both were announced literally together at the same time, Sukitte looks to be typical shoujo fare unless proven wrong. The other, Magi, is interesting if only because shota aladdin the amount of effort is being put into this one. I’ll definitely give this one a look, but because all signs point to this one being a two season anime, the less likely I am to want to finish it.

Now about that ‘special’ Blue color: It means I MAY decide to blog Psycho Pass, but given my busy schedule it’s really 50/50 at this point. Also, I’ll be posting some final reviews for the upcoming endings of Hyouka and Jinrui at the least. What are you watching and why?


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