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Sword Art Online – 10


This episode had been pretty good. And I really like how Kirito and Asuna’s relation are going :3 But of course I’m not all in it for the romance. That wasn’t even in my initial expectations for this series.

First off, let me go through the duel between Kirito and Heathcliff (Ookawa Tooru), the leader of the strongest guild in SAO. As I have mentioned last post, I already know the outcome of this duel and I’m really glad that the episode didn’t focused so much on it. But don’t get me wrong, the match was pretty interesting. With this episode not having enough battle, this part definitely made up for it :3

Now I really just want to say this. I actually like Heathcliff, the leader of the guild Blood Oath. Last episode, I actually thought that he was some kind of big-time guy who’d smirk at solo-player Kirito but on the looks of things, he seems to be a pretty nice guy :3 Heathcliff having a unique skill like Kirito didn’t surprised me that much but it’s actually making me think how players with unique skills are chosen. I doubt everyone has a unique skill. So there must be something or someway that will allow a player to have a unique skill.

With Kirito finally joining Blood Oath, it’s definitely not surprising for him to encounter Kuradeel once again. I know that it seems a bit wrong but I actually thought that Kuradeel will be nicer this time around but I was stand corrected. Kuradeel’s dual guild was a shock for me but I do think that it’s something pretty interesting. Probably the guild Laughing Coffin (did I get it right? :P) allows their guild members to become members of other guilds OR Laughing Coffin is some kind of underground guild. LOL. Anyway, that twist surely entertained me :3

Other than Kuradeel’s betrayal for the guild Blood Oath, Asuna’s quick response to the danger that Kirito was in is pretty amazing. I guess this shows us that her title wasn’t for nothing. Also, I can’t believe that she was tracking at Kirito’s movements. She should have just followed them. LOL. That way she could have prevented the death of Godfrey as well.

As for Kuradeel, it was just so right for him to die. Actually I can’t believe that Asuna even hesitated but probably the thought of killing someone for real is difficult to handle. Even I couldn’t do it, that’s for sure. Even though no one would know that it’s me who killed him my conscience could hunt me forever. But hey, I seriously laugh when Kirito just finished him off with one attack. HAHA. So he was that weak?

I like how the romance between Kirito and Asuna is blooming :3 Kirito asking to go to Asuna’s place didn’t surprised me but Asuna getting undress was seriously funny. I can’t believe she’s thinking about something Kirito hasn’t even considered yet. LOL. Anyway, ever since the marriage system was mentioned, I already know that at some point this will happen – Kirito asking Asuna to get married.

Finally, Sword Art Online has been going pretty good lately. I guess that’s to be expected now that the main story has begun. Of course there’re a lot of plot holes in here as everyone all over the forums and other blogs have been discussing but I don’t really want to get over there. Story-wise in-game, it’s going pretty well. What’s going on in reality is not what we would like to talk about right now.

I’ve read some spoilers because they were pretty easy to find. Despite having some idea on what’s going to happen, I’m still enjoying Sword Art Online. I know that there were people out there who had been going on about how SAO had a pretty bad start. I won’t deny that at some point, I disliked it but my patience with these things definitely paid off(:

~There’re things I’d still like to go through but it’ll make this post long and I hate that. Also, I’ll go watch and post episode 11 later šŸ˜€ but TARI TARI ep11 will come in first :3


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2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online – 10

  1. “So he (Kuradeel) was that weak?”
    It was a combination of that Asuna had already worked him over pretty hard and Kirito is that good.

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